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2 Replies to “Speech for Peace by Israeli PM at White House.”

  1. Bibi – what a fraud thor art.

    Bibi is a reason why Germany is safer for Jews today. When thisfraud was PM in the 1990s, he allowe 98 attacks on Israelis before he responded.

    Source: campus-watch.org

    He is NOT a leader; maybe a leader of future pension benefits. When he is not PM, he makes the case for Israel on the Bill Maher ( andtalks about Islam) show or Larry King or FOX but when he becomes PM he becomes invisible.

    Daniel Pipes insists that in the 1990s he was prepared to give back thr Golan to arab savages.

    I have not gone to Israel since 1991 and really have no interest because it is just not safe for Jews.

    The Palestinians do notwant peace; they want Israel destroyed. Do you believe an arab muslim when he or she says the contrary?

    Bibi sounds like Thomas Friedman in 1987. His verbal diarhea gives ma a headache.

    The difference between Israel and a medical asylum is that in Israel the patients are in charge.

    Israel is barely defensible thanks to Democrats, the Likud and Kadima.

    The Arabs are normal; they respect power and that only power will change things. The Jewies respect moral arguments andbelieve that morality will win the day as AnneFrank believed before she was slaughtered.

  2. Well Open season on the Jooos now I guess. Just like every other peace process start, it’s the start of Israeli’s being killed by the religion of peace….Already there have been 2 attacks, and the ensuing celebration on the Palestinian side was epic. Well done guys, stay classy. Hamas is not a terrorist org. huh?….

    I wonder how many articles would be written if Israeli’s celebrated in the streets when “innocent” men, women and children in Gaza were killed by Israeli’s? Perhaps it’s time to do just that…I’ll pass out the candy

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