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4 Replies to “Mega Mosques USA”

  1. Muslims will always live in their own society within society. Their mosques are objects of conquest. I wish we could get rid of Islam; How much nicer it was in the 80’s and early 90’s when you never saw a muslim on the streets.

  2. “BBC documentary on the Muslim Brotherhood”“What began as a very small group of people who wanted to rid Egypt of British control and cleanse it of all western influence & colonialism which robbed them of of their muslim identity – kicked off in a humble ‘community center’ with a prayer area, school & sporting club, and rapidly mushroomed to over 1 million followers in less than 10 yrs.”
    That was how the Muslim Brotherhood began. This illusion of ‘community center’ , offering space for classrooms, sports and prayer mirror al-Banna’s ‘ ingenious community organizing skills. Coincidence?

  3. Once muslims have one inch of land they will never give it up–only grab more. They build “centers” for a reason, and that is to keep the non-muslims out. The only ones welcome are those who they think they can convert–and don’t forget, once you accept islam, if you decide it is not for you–the only way out is death. Masters of lies and deceit, there is no co-existence in their vocabulary, only dominance and sharia. Read about it, learn it and believe it.

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