McDonalds doesn’t serve Mustard at Ramadan

Now, it is as you see it below, from a McDonalds in Morocco. My bet is within 5 years, McDonald’s in some areas will not be allowed to be open at all during daylight during Ramadamadingdong. Or if they are, they will be burned down or attacked and have no recourse to the state for protection. This is the trend in the western world today. Where Western civilization is still legal at all, there is no defence of it. Where it isn’t, it isn’t.

"To our customers. During the ramadan period, only non muslim children and adults will be served”

The picture above is a screen capture from a short film about how some Muslims are refusing to fast during Ramadan. The state is considering a 1 to 6 month JAIL SENTENCE for anyone publicly breaking the fast. Another data point for those who say Islam is not a religion.

I hope to have the video here tonight on this.

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  1. Islam IMHO is definitely more than a simple religion. Islam is a dictatorial, completely controlling, cradle to grave set of rigid rules, devoid of free choice or rights for the individual. In many of these so-called’ Islamic Paradises’ the rules are enforced by a religious Gestapo (Imams,Ayatollahs, and ‘religious police’) who make up the rules and mete out punishment at their whim. This my friends is nothing but a form of mass mob rule, intimidating the ‘faithful’ as well as the hated and despised, lowly Infidel. It’s like the line in the song ‘Hotel California’ “you can check out but you can never leave”.

  2. ‘Considering’ ~ that’s already the law in Morocco. Anyone caught eating during daylight hours of Ramadan ~ is arrested!!

    But McDonald’s are for some hubs of freedom. You see women sitting alone and smoking cigarettes. Normal right ~ for many women in Morocco being seen sitting in a restaurant is un-Islam [that translates into ‘for prostitutes’ and it is true there only prostitutes sit at restaurants in the open.] So they only sit where they could be hidden. Only the rich or well off in Morocco can afford to eat at McD’s ~ as a burger and fries cost as much as the average day’s wage. So for families who can afford it is an event ~ as a show of wealth.

    There are an increasing number of young who reject the Islamic rule ~ but they would not say it publicly. Although I know of some musician types who did just that ~ they said ‘we are eating during Ramadan because we are not Muslim’. They were arrested and put on show as ‘reneges’ ~ most people agreed or did not question it.

    Ramadan is a strange time in the Muslim world ~ people get more and more serious as the days go by. And as a non-Muslims you become the focus of this intensity.

    We take freedom for granted. There are so many restrictions there ~ there are too many to say.

    * Oh and the prostitutes in Morocco wear long dresses and headscarves!!

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