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3 Replies to “Inbreeding has interesting effects on evolution”

  1. Watching Hussein, the oldest and least likely to benefit from therapy, take his first unassisted steps while upright was – to this infidel’s satisfaction – the very proof that ‘culture’ does affect genetic limitations. Given the audience of untold numbers who would celebrate this individual’s accomplishments, which were only possible because of infidel intervention – was motivation enough for him. Bravo Hussein. But at the same time, my heart bleeds for the numbers of other dramatically defective individuals living behind walls of tortured silence inflicted by the culture of Islam. It says a lot that it didn’t dawn on a single able bodied individual in this culture to give these siblings a cane or walker for balance. Islam is the defect that must be addressed in this world.

  2. On the topic of inbreeding, I’ve just found this, on the subject of Porkistanis in the United Kingdom of West Porkistan marrying first cousins on The Religion of Peace.

    Blindness, deafness, the hindering of the body’s ability to properly get rid of waste, high rates of infant mortality, all consequences of inbreeding… How come allah, mahound’s imaginary alter-ego which (not who), according to mahoundians, “knows best”, couldn’t have invented a sura in Mein Qurampf telling its followers that inbreeding would produce mujahideen that wouldn’t be able to physically go into battle against us infidels? I guess it’s just the same reason why mahoundians in Scandinavia adopt Mecca sunrise and sunset times when ramadan falls in summer, lest they starve and dehydrate themselves to death over those periods when the sun doesn’t set: not only allah doesn’t exist, but it (not he) obviously doesn’t know s*** (which is obvious, since non-existing entities cannot be or know anything.)

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