EDL’s Tommy Robinson on UK TV

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Race riot fears over anti-Muslim demonstration

By Nick Martin

Updated on 21 August 2010

As fears of a potential race riot remained today after extremists vowed to exercise their right to stage an anti-Muslim demonstration in Bradford, Channel 4 News Northern Correspondent Nick Martin speaks exclusively to the leader of the English Defence League.

In a warehouse in the centre of Luton I come face to face with the man who is in charge of arguably the fastest growing far right organisation in Britain today.

The English Defence League says it will do whatever it takes to ‘stamp out militant Islam on the streets of Britain’.

But so far, it has developed nothing but a reputation for being deeply racist – a magnet for thirtysomething hooligans.

The leader of this group says he formed the English Defence League after witnessing members of the now defunct muslim group Islam4UK brandish banners bearing the slogan “The Butchers of Basra” as soldiers from the Royal Anglican Regiment staged a homecoming parade through Luton last year.

In that time the EDL has gone from a makeshift living room huddle to an organisation of 15,000 members – if you believe the EDL. Nevertheless, a rapidly growing yet chaotic organisation spreading from city to city, town to town or as the EDL calls them: divisions.

They have regional organisers now and thousands are rallied for the EDL’s main weapon of choice: the city centre protest.

I am facing the man they all follow. Short, young, a baby face. But with eyes which seemed to me to be full of anger and fear. Until now he has concealed his identity and used many pseudonyms.  He told me his name was Paul Harris, a carpenter from Luton. To his followers he is known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson.

He seems nervous and asks continual questions about our story and how he’ll come across. This is the first time he has revealed his face and his identity.

“This is a big thing for me and my family,” he says. “I’ve not done it before now because it’s too dangerous. But there comes a point when you have to put your money where your mouth is – the courage of your convictions, and all that.”

He’s not racist or fascist – and neither are his followers, he says. Few believe that.

In an exclusive interview with Channel 4 News Paul Harris talks about the forthcoming protest in Bradford, his understanding of militant Islam and how he insists he has control over those who march in the name of the EDL.

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7 Replies to “EDL’s Tommy Robinson on UK TV”

  1. the report makes it seem as if brits seem more frightened of the edl than islamoterrorists, but it’s the muslims they’re most afraid of.

    ge, i wonder why?

    the enemy is within the gates in britain. it may be too late…

  2. What’s wrong with the EDL? I guess they do not like being Jews.

    I believe that when Israel launches an attack against arab muslims calling themsleves hamas, al-qaeda, fatah, al-whateveritis, their is a larger number of people who follow things and support it.

    Problem is that most men in the west are more concerned about their local hockey, baseball or soccer team statsand most females are more concerned about what colour their toes are.

    Pity the brits have chosen modern libism over survivalism – the number of votes to the Labor party prove it.

    Fight or flight mentality – we have the same problem in Montreal – anglos chose to leave Quebec or ignore Bill 101 than fight it.

  3. To Fight for your Country is a Noble and Brave and Heroic Duty to accomplish,many men do this,but very few will put his Nation and Culture and Christianity first,as your Fathers of the Past, this legacy on to you.
    The problem we face today, your rights have been squandered away.
    by those in Power over many years, and its time to Fight Back.
    Or if we wait about much longer,Allah will turn this Land of ours, in to Islamic Land UK and the your Children will be praying to Allah and are Sovereign State and Kingdom lost for ever. Is this what this generation wants?.

  4. I saw Tommy Robinson on Newsnight: he came across as your average ignorant racist, justifying his abhorrent views with the usual clueless maxims like “some of my best friends are black …”
    He blatantly has little understanding of what he is actually against: the Sharia law courts that he is so desperately worried about are not spreading Britain or taking over in any way: they’re simply optional courts set up to help the Muslim community to settle family disputes and so on (non -obligatory) … his arguments are a joke and now I find out he’s a former BNP member – what a surprise!! He should really go back to school and learn something before he rants about what he quite clearly knows nothing about … I am an atheist and I think organised religion can be quite a negative force in our society generally but religion can also have a positive influence on individuals’ lives and morality: either way I would want to defend democracy and the individual freedoms we expect and are so lucky to have in this country (these freedoms which the EDL claim to be defending too they would have to do away with if their arguments about Islam were to carry any sway – don’t they get that?!)

  5. Whilst agreeing with Georgie’s comments on the value of democracy, I fear that he/she falls into the trap that has beset the world since Adam was a lad!
    He/she may be right about the current policies of the EDL but that should not be the major concern. The trap referred to earlier is in thinking short term. My understanding is that for every four non-Muslim children born in England, ten Muslim childen are born. It doesn’t a genius or a mathematician to know that sooner or later the majority of the population will be Muslim. I predict that a Muslim political party will be in existence before then who could, in such circumstances, aquire a parliamentary majority and, hence, the Government and change England to a Muslim country by legitamate demoncratic means!??!! Personally, I.m too long in the tooth for it too affect me but having spent over 10 years in a Muslim country I fear for my heirs and successors human rights.

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