King of Morroco: There can be no secular Islamic states

The French blog Bivouac-ID — comparable to the German Politically Incorrect and one of the most prominent French blogs on Islam and the dangers it entails — has a published a video of King Hassan II of Morocco in which he briefly explains why it is an illusion to think there ever can be a “secular” Islam (sometimes called a “European Islam”). In short, Islam is incompatible with Western secular rule of law. Indeed, Hassan II, King of Morocco from 1961-1999, suggests that a secular Muslim is not a Muslim simply because “a Muslim can not be secular”.

Andrew Bostom noticed the following similarity in the King’s quote with other Islamic leaders thoughts on the sharia…

From The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, pp 91-92

Ultimately, enforced abrogation of the laws and social practices of dhimmitude [in historical Palestine]  required the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire, which only occurred during the European Mandate period following World War I. Remarkably soon afterwards, however,( i.e., within two years of the abrogation of the Shari’a!)  by 1920, Musa Kazem el-Husseini, former governor of Jaffa during the final years of the Ottoman rule, and president of the Arab (primarily Muslim) Palestinian Congress, demanded restoration of the Shari’a in a letter to the British High Commissioner, Herbert Samuels:

No individual or Government has any right to represent the country in legislating laws because the country is better acquainted with its own needs and because laws, as Jurists state, are the reflection of the people’s spirit and because        [Ottoman] Turkey has drafted such laws as suit our customs. This was done relying upon the Shari’a (Religious Law), in force in Arabic territories, that is engraved in the very hearts of the Arabs and has been assimilated in their           customs and that has been applied …in the modern [Arab] states…We therefore ask the British government…that it should respect these laws [i.e., the Shari’a]…that were in force under the Turkish regime

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