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5 Replies to “‘Son of Hamas’ speaks on victory mosque at ground zero”

  1. Interesting choice of words there, Yousef . . .”. . .it’s like pouring acid in the open wounds of the victims and their families”. Yes it is. Indeed it is.

  2. Well, there it is right there, eh. Like Nazis only worse – from the horse’s mouth. Why is it so hard to get this across to people – it’s so obvious.

  3. Islam is not like Nazism. Nazism was nationalist movement, one of many sweeping Europe in the early-mid 20th century. Nationalist movements were involved in the false belief of “national races.”
    Islam is a religion founded by (a Christian?) named Muhammad after supposedly having revelations from an angel. He supposedly wrote down word-for-word these revelations. Sounds crazy, right? It’s no more crazy than believing in Christianity, a religion founded by the Jewish and Gentile apostles about of a man who supposedly rose from the dead. Did they act like Nazis? At one point, yes; but so were Christians with their inquisitions and their “manifest destiny” purging of Native Americans.
    I have Muslim friends, and they are not trying to take over the world. In between praying 5 times a day, my friend Nathifa works her butt off trying to become a med student to help people of all religions and races. Because she’s American.

    American Muslims are just like you and me trying to make a living, not being Nazis. Of course some of them would like a theocracy of Islam, that’s dawah, just like how Religious Right people would like a theocracy of Protestant Christianity, called evangelicalism. That doesn’t make them Nazis. Mosab grew up among terrorists, of course he thinks Islam is like Nazism if that was his experience. If my dad was the Christian terrorist who bombed an abortion clinic and I grew up among people who cheered this kind of stuff, I would probably become equate Christianity with Nazism.

    This community center isn’t intended to be a slap in the face to 9/11 victim’s families. If anything, it’s a victory against Islamic extremism. Rauf is an imam behind the community center, and his worldview competes with Osama bin Laden’s. It is one of non-violence. Evangelicalism, but non-violent evangelicalism. Since 9/11, liberals and conservatives have agreed that the way to beat Islamic extremism is to support moderate Islam, an Islamic that exists with modernity. Osama sees NYC as Babylon. This Islamic community center would be surrounded by strip clubs and a Burger King. How is that a victory mosque? It’s Osama’s nightmare.

  4. Shep, please note that Islam, like all totalitarian systems (also Nazism, Stalinism, Maoism, etc) comes on espousing the answer, and then once it gains enough power to wield it, becomes a frankenstein monster which takes over every aspect of your thoughts, and actions.

    Individual muslims who did not buy the systemic mandate to hate the West and blame it for all its ills, surely can integrate into civilized society. However those who are followers of TRUE islam, once they have gained critical mass, take over. Look at the delightful states of Lebanon and Syria as two examples.

    Now please do not equate an isolated case of a Christian wacko with the many thousands of attacks in the name of Islam. There is no equivalency, and your argument therefore is diversion.

    Also please note that while Christianity did have its abusive policies in the Middle Ages, Islamic abuse is what is happening in the world currently. By superimposing the past onto the present is also diversion. We need clarity and should not be wasting time reading muddled arguments.

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