My idea for the Victory Mosque at Ground zero

I am pretty sure of two things.

1. The mosque is going to be built if Obama has to pay for it himself with your money.

2. The gay bar and all you can eat pork ribs hut will not be allowed to be next to it for exactly the opposite reasons that the mosque is going to be built.

So I have an idea.

We, that is all of us, can take up a collection, and have a billboard put up in front, on top, above or near enough to this 13 story monstrosity that its obviously conected, and have our own messages placed there. Even if we can’t get the proper permits, perhaps some kind of, ‘street art’ that seems perfectly acceptable when it is done by illegal gangs in cities today.

Below, are a few of my ideas for initial billboards. Please feel free to add your own ideas in the comments and Ill add them in to the list.

Seeing as how most mosques seem to be the places from which, anti American activities are planned…

I Can’t resist the Pee Wee Herman dig…

I stole this one from a fantastic Australian comedy show. They also stuck a sign in front of a synagogue that read: “Now 10% off your sons penis”

I’m thinkin these guys might want to protect themselves from what, you know, they do. Of course, they would think it meant flying carpets.

I suppose there should be one honest sign that actually reflects what they actually believe.

The Eagles have a use after all!

It would be nice if they would summarize their sexual rules this honestly:

but of course….

Is it too soon?

But of course…

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9 Replies to “My idea for the Victory Mosque at Ground zero”

  1. As for their rules on sex, let’s also not forget that, if two mahoundian males want to play hide the sausage with each other, there ain’t absolutely nothing gay about it so long as there is no love between them… And that sure has been the rule among them probably since way before it became standard part of the “education” they get at their madrassas.

  2. Great Billboards of course the pisslamics will file a lawsuit for every one you put up. They will call it hate speech & some libfag judge will agree.

  3. There’s a New York city ordinance that doesn’t allow licensed alcohol venues within 200 yards of religious institutions. I don’t think terrorist training centers count.

  4. Harry-O – hard to counter your comment.

    Sensible people in the West have enemies that are well financed or with acess to funds;

    1) Govt: CRA, Revenu Quebec, IRS, Democrat Party, Bernie Sanders, Obama, NDP, Bloq Quebecois, Justice System, Liberals – all of them are garbage including my MP Irwin Cotler ( our Bernie Sanders) and their gold plate pensions – how do we put an end to it? It is robbing us and our children

    2) Media: CTV, CNN and CNN International,BBC,CBC,ABC,MSNBC, The Montreal Gazette, Globe and Mail, NY Times, Michael Harris and CFRA with the exception of Lowell Green and maybe a few others

    3) Islam: Koranimals, their illiberal regressive appeasers: Jews, Catholic Church, Anglican Church, Episcopalians that divest from Israel

    So this is what we are facing.

    We must remain strong willed and prepared to sacrifice a lot for the sake of our children.

    I promise to give Vlad $ 25 a month to cover costs; I am also giving $$ to BareNaked Islam, TROP, Sultan Knish, Canadian Sentinel in the hopes that good will come out of it.

  5. The Gay bar is supposed to be alcohol free… 72 virgin drinks is the gimmick

    So there goes the distance ordinance….

  6. Each building leading up to this thirteen story mega insult could have a storefront window installed which – within each buildings own walls behind clear glass – place big screen tv’s facing the sidewalk. The silent screens can simultaneously run video lessons on Islamic history, particularly it’s bloody imperialistic conquests as understood by the infidel populations it raped, desecrated, looted, tortured, terrorized murdered liquidated. This video All about Mohammad, the perfect man is quite revealing. When the azzan sounds off five times a day, the storefronts can counter with counter-audio amplified to drown out the insane belly-aching screaching from the as yet un-revealed muzzein at Park Place.

  7. I’ve read so many good ideas about what to do around the mosque. But I get the feeling that everyone’s kidding. Wish someone would take it seriously and actally put up one of these billlboards, gay bars, pork bar-b-ques, etc.

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