CBN holds pro Israel rally.

I think this is what is called, ‘A mixed blessing’. On the one hand, it is fantastic to see such an open show of support for the state of Israel from the US and under an Obama administration as well. However, when it is evangelical Christians one wonders how many of them support it for the same reason Lord Balfour did. That they want to see biblical prophesy fulfilled, the Jews return to Zion, and then lose it as a precursor to the return of the Christian avatar and the hastening of the end of the world. Something it seems many religions hold in common, and oddly, also desire. I guess religious people have really high utility bills or something. Anyway here is the video and frankly, I am happy as hell to see it. CBN continues to  report on important material which the rest of the media pretend does not exist.

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  1. One of my child’s god parents had an ‘awakening’ later in life and believes as you describe. One god parent follows tenets of orthodox Judaism, the other recently moved to the born again Christian (BAC) camp, enthusiastically. Though they remain married, their beliefs prove to be a most difficult challenge at home and beyond.

  2. @Eeyore

    Lord Balfour’s comment as you said I cannot find. This is a statement he said:

    ‘The treatment of the [Jewish] race has been a disgrace to Christendom,’ he declared on one occasion, and he saw his support for a Jewish state as an act of amends”

  3. I saw a documentary some time ago, where Balfour’s agenda at this level was discussed. I am afraid I cannot remember when or which documentary it was. I suppose it may be worth the effort to find evidence as to his beliefs in that regard as its rather an important aspect of it.

    Having said all this, it is as likely that an enemy of Israel fabricated Balfour’s motives in order to cast aspersions on the state of Israel itself as a result. Perhaps sometime this week I can find the energy to do a little digging on it. I would be curious to know, and not that surprised to find I was mislead on the issue.

    Thank you for commenting.


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