5 Replies to “Muslim day controversy at six flags”

  1. I was very offended at first. Then I checked and found that another day was to be Catholic Family Day. Still, where are the days for the Jewish, Buddhist, Protestant,
    Sikh, Santerian, etc. etc. families?

  2. It is my inderstanding that six flags refused to have a christian day because they didnt want controversy but are having a muslim day, ironically the day after 9/11. I am of christian faith and if this is true I will never set foot at any six flags parks again.

  3. I wonder if the female employees are required to wear proper Sharia veil or face the consequence?

    The employer should be responsible for warning their employees of the risks.

  4. taffy – Thanks for pointing that out, but I guess I’m resigned to the fact that all the Muslim support organizations are dedicated to undermining non-Muslims in some way and destroying our civilization. If ICNA wasn’t supporting it, some other questionable Muslim organization would be doing it.

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