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9 Replies to “EDL Jewish division gives speech on sharia law in Dudley July 17 2010”

  1. God Bless the EDL. Thank you for fighting the good fight, boys! Never Surrender. Support from America ~ can’t wait till the USDL starts having demos here!

  2. MSM will never admit that the EDL and Geert Wilder’s party see the enemy for what it truly is: Islam and its followers.

    Instead, they will label the EDL and Wilders as “right-wing”, “radical”, “bigoted” and not in keeping with the western way of life.

    What they are doing, though, is fighting the same war that was fought between 1939 and 1954 and the same war that was fought during the Cold War; the fight for our freedom.

    Anyone who says otherwise has already lost to Islam and deserves to be under sharia law right now so that they can see first-hand what the EDL is against.

    May the west prevail and Islam fail.

  3. Salam,
    I come from Pakistan and I chose to come to the UK because I recognize the faults of my own goverment and want state to be sepreated from Islam as I practice it freely in this wonderful and peaceful country. The EDL are showing what the common british thinks and that is because exterimism has no real opposition here.
    I personally am greatful for the EDL. We should speak more against those who want to use Islam and Muslims to do their sick biddings and create blood shed. It’s has nothing to do with “holy”. We should create a muslim coallition to condemn every act of muslim extrimists because not saying anything is agreeing silently!

  4. Salim:
    Would this new group…
    1. condemn implementation of the sharia?
    2. demand equality before the law for women, and minorities including Jews?
    3. Believe that all other faith groups have the same right to practice as Muslims unmolested?

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