Iran close to having nuclear weapon capability: Medvedev

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MOSCOW, July 12 (Xinhua) — Iran is getting closer to acquiring the capability to build nuclear weapons, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday.

He urged Russian ambassadors and permanent representatives to move away from simplistic approaches toward Iran’s nuclear problem.

“We need to finally abandon any simplistic approaches toward this problem. Iran is getting closer to possessing the potential that in principle can be used to create nuclear weapons,” Medvedev was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying.

He reiterated Russia’s positions that sanctions would not produce the desired results, but Russia will consistently urge Teheran to show essential openness and cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Special Report: Iran Nuclear Crisis

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5 Replies to “Iran close to having nuclear weapon capability: Medvedev”

  1. Tell us something we already know, a waste of time all this leads to more BS from the MSM and more pandering, and butt kissing from the political hacks and stooges.

  2. The way in which this problem has been tackled through the years suggests that some behind the scenes influences (whichever they may be) WANT Iran to develop the A-bomb. I suppose the reason will be revealed at some point in the near future.

  3. Once Iran arms itself, we will finally see how the leaders of the free world will react to such an insane nation getting atomic weapons.

    Its the equivalent of Nazi Germany beating the US in the race to build the bomb during WWII.

    If people think that it is not, then ask yourself this question: does Iran intend to use their weapons (should they succeed in building them) for defence or offence? And if the latter, what nation will be its first target? (Hint: the government has been telling the world for decades that they have one prime enemy and that enemy has one ally which they want to see wiped off the planet.)

    Should Iran get those weapons, will it also use them as bargaining tools to get the sanctions removed? Or will it negotiate with its neighbors to create an Islamic super-state within central Asia that could attack Russia?

    The possibilities are only as endless as the ambitions of the Iranian government.

  4. @Big Frank, @Fred Vanhees, @RRWest

    1. yes, Putin did help Iran build the weapon under the name of building nuclear power.

    2. Why? is simple with two answers both right:

    a. They where going to build the weapons anyway with or without Putin’s help. Helping them takes the heat off Russia and that alone might force the target to be the western nations.

    b. Once hydrogen bombs go off the west and the East will literally divide the world up and conquer the world at least the Rouge nations. I do not see any other choice in this, and most of us will be in agreement with it. There will be no Rouge nations anymore.

    Our whole way of life will change. They will force a large military draft the east and west will not be fighting each other during that time at least. It will be a free for all of who will control what lands, of course there will be disputes who takes what and that will cause problems down the road.

  5. Have you noticed how these idiots are always close to getting a nuclear weapon. How stupid can they be. America had it 1945 and delvered it to its enemy. These idiots have been close for how long? Even Pakistan managed to get one decades ago. So we can at least say this. In terms of Brains the Pakis beat the Persians hands down. The arab conquered persian should go and consult the arab conquered Pakis and learn how to do it now and not waste people’s precious time by being so close for what seems like an eternity.

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