Wilders Doubles his vote — PVV now Holland’s third party

From Sky

Well he’s not done quite as well as was expected a few months ago but the platinum bombshell, Geert Wilders, is still nonetheless now an unavoidable fact in mainstream Dutch politics.

Wilders – who campaigned on an anti-immigration, anti-Islam platform – has more than doubled support for his Freedom Party.He has gained 24 seats in the new parliament – up from 9.

This would of course not be a big deal if Wilders was not such a polarizing political voice – not just in Holland but also across Europe.He has for the last 6 years been living under 24 hour police protection because of a series of death threats made against him.He is also currently on trial for inciting racial hatred after comparing the Quran to Mein Kampf and Islam to Nazism.

Wilders politics cause offence to many – he was banned from entering the UK in 2009 – but they also strike a chord with plenty of disgruntled voters.
With an even more prominent position – due to his electoral showing – Wilders is expected to use his success to turn the volume up even higher on his core message; Islam is unwelcome in Holland and Europe; a country and continent with Christian and democratic foundations.

Despite his support – PVV is now the third party in Holland – a cabinet position may still be out of reach in any new coalition. Many Dutch politicians find his views morally rebarbative.

But that does not mean he won’t be able to shape opinion. With more seats in parliament Wilders is likely to create even greater divisions in Dutch politics and multi-cultural tolerance.

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  1. Holland and the eu are lucky to have this guy. Here in North America, I do not see any politican – federal, provincial or municipal – brave enough to even think these things. In Canada, the political holdings are so tender and of course our worthless media will verbally crucify any politican, celebrity or unknown citizen that would say the things Geert says.

    Is Canada doomed?

  2. @ Abu Uzzi

    The Dutch are by there nature a rude people, if there is any place in the world which would see the collapse of multiculturalism it would be the Netherlands. We just can’t stop ourselves making jokes about our ”leftist” society and discussing ”politically incorrect” politics during birthday parties

    That said, the only chance Wilders has of becoming part of a coalition is the bad economy, since Wilders is a Liberal and not a Socialist the VVD are scared shitless that labour would be given enough influence to wreck the economy.

  3. If only the rest of the free world would follow this lead.

    Islam is a political organization with criminal intent.

    There is no other way to describe it and Geert Wilders has done a great job doing so to the world.

    Now its up to the rest of the European nations to finally understand where he and his party are coming from: the defence of the free world depends on it.

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