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5 Replies to “Pat Condell on ground zero Mosque”

  1. Pat Condell i 1,000 % right: that is how the muslims will see it – many are illiterate and think in colors, like the cro magnon savages they are. With full apologies to the cro magnon peoples.

    Building mosques on conquered lands is standard muslim practice; be it jerusalem or in kashmir or india ( the minarets at the taj mahal were built be the muslims ) or in sophia ( the minarets surrounding churches were built bythe muslims).

    Muslims, at best, complete great structures, or at worst, destroy ( in afghanistan in 2001, the taliban was blowing up the buddhist temples while the world was drinking their cafelatte in their birkenstocks).

  2. Condell strikes a homer with this video.

    If only the dhimmified Obama administration would allow the DHS and other intelligence agencies to watch this video. But then, I still feel that the administration is led by a takkiya/kitman practising Muslim.

    Muslims only recognize forcefull responses to jihad and see any appeasement as weaknesses and signs that those who do the appeasing are ripe targets for any jihad actions.

    Placing a mosque anywhere within 1,000 miles of Ground Zero should be too close. Islam does not value the same things that we do in the west, just as the Nazis did.

  3. WOW is all I can say. Pat is SO only the money on this one. ASfter being asked about the controversy I just wish Obama had said yes the Muslims have a right to build a mosque, but they shouldn’t. Its an afront to the memory of the folks that died. I mean would you put Shinto shrine witin spitting distance of the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor? hell no! And even thouggh the Japanese are now our allies even they would agree such a thing is in horribly poor taste. But I guess folks who think its ok to “honar kill” their daughters, shrowd their women in potato sacks and stone folks to death have no concept of what good taste is.

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