More white racism in France. Did i say ‘white’ racism?

Well racism against whites anyway.

From the video page translated from French:

“This video was posted at the Facebook page of one of the aggressors. A young white woman refuses to give out her cell phone number, and is hit violently. Here’s a screenshot from Facebook (look at the comments): [link] I appeal to all those who watch this video, to download it and post it on your part! In France there only exists one racism: anti-white racism! Only this isn’t punished or denounced by the organizations which should be fighting racism!”

Translated from some page with info on this:

The video is known as “Give me your 06”, short for “give me your portable phone number”

The guy who first published calls himself “BBR negueu”, short for “bleu blanc rouge nigger” (french flag colours”) and is from Bamako, Mali.

Youtube is censoring the video (my own copy, that I had just saved on one of my accounts, , but had NOT published anywhere, was found by interneters and reached 3000 views and 63 comments in just a fews hours and then censored. The RUTUBE version has reached 40.000 views in just a day.)

Apparently, the black guy had left SOME KIND of personal number on his facebook page, which happened to be someone else’s phone. This s.o else received so many angry calls that he had to shut his phone, and has now decided to make an official complaint against the cultural enricher who wrong doingly used his number.

here is a copy of the video to be freely downloaded by anyone who wants it :

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