STRATFOR: Iran equips hovercraft with anti-ship cruise

Iran: Navy Equips Hovercrafts With Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles
May 8, 2010
Iran’s navy equipped its hovercrafts with a newly manufactured anti-ship cruise missile, called Nour (Light), to boost the military power of its vessels, Fars News Agency reported May 8. The navy used the new missile hovercrafts in the third stage of a series of naval war games currently under way in the Strait of Hormuz and northern Indian Ocean. Nour (Light) is an Iranian-manufactured long-range anti-ship cruise missile.

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3 Replies to “STRATFOR: Iran equips hovercraft with anti-ship cruise”

  1. History repeating itself. Hitler built up Germany for years and everyone had their heads in the sand. Get ready for round 2 the West has gone spineless, and the PC crowd is dithering around , If this punk in Iran isn’t stopped now the price in lives and money will be huge.

  2. It is just the usual showing off from the world’s number one big mouths.All talk and no substance. Nothing will as usual come of it.

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