Many possibilities for this video. Muslim ‘gerbiling’?

Ok as I see it, this could be one of three things at least.

1. Someone gave this video fake titles. I mean its quite funny so why not. I would have done it if I had thought of it for sure.

2. The titles are accurate, and in fact the guy is telling a joke. Unlikely, but possible.

3. This, is the Muslim explanation for the results of Muslim gay ‘Gerbiling’, or the alleged actions of some gay men, to stick small  rodents up their rectums for sexual pleasure. In any case, good for a laugh.

On the other hand there is a fourth explanation. The story is true and when you mock Islam you give birth to all sorts of peculiar animals. Which gives me an idea. I think Ill maintain this blog for a year or two more and make a killing opening a zoo.

Of course the most likely explanation is he, or the guy he heard it from, pulled this story right out of his ass.

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2 Replies to “Many possibilities for this video. Muslim ‘gerbiling’?”

  1. Knowing what passes for science and medicine in Muslim countries, anything is possible.

    After all, you are talking about an ideology that sees Jews as “pigs and apes” without betting an eye.

    Kufar and proud to know some “pigs and apes”, who happen to be very nice people for the most part.

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