UK Conservatives launch Equalities contract

Britain’s Conservative party today launched its equalities manifesto, in which it accuses the Labour government of failing to tackle discrimination on the basis of sexuality, gender, race, disability, and age. Under the Conservatives at least half of all candidates considered for boardroom positions would need to be women. Conservatives would also tackle bullying in schools of LGBT students, and would introduce mentoring schemes to help women and ethnic minorities set up businesses.

From the Conservative party:

Our Contract for Equalities

Theresa May

Theresa May, Shadow Minister for Women, has launched the Conservative Party’s contract for equalities.

She said the contract “underscores some of the most important battles in politics”, on gender equality, racial equality, ending age discrimination, LGBT issues and helping disabled people.

In this contract, as with the others, the Conservatives are saying that if we fail to make progress in these areas and do not deliver on our side of the bargain, then vote us out in five years time.

“This contract for equalities will be central to what we plan to do in government”, May said. “After 13 years of Labour’s big government, inequality is at its highest level since the Second World War”.

May said the Conservative Party had updated its policies and candidates to better reflect modern Britain. “When David Cameron became leader of the Conservatives more than four years ago, he set out to reverse the under-representation of ethnic minorities in the party”.

She also said that under the Labour Government there had been some good steps forward in the struggle for equalities, especially on gay rights – “but there is still much to do”.

“The battle to break down barriers that hold back so many people will be at the core of our agenda for government. We will use every lever available to ensure equal opportunities turns from a dream into reality”.

Read or download the manifesto here.

3 Replies to “UK Conservatives launch Equalities contract”

  1. The Conservatives used to be the party of the nasty rich and privileged, whereas now it is becoming truly ‘inclusive’ by promoting the interests of the nasty, rich and privileged from Islamic, ethnic minority and homosexual backgrounds. We ordinary Britons will suffer under them just as much as we have suffered under Labour. Nationalist politics is the only option open to us now, for without it, we’re finished.

  2. Its come to this: “Every one is equal, though some are more equal than others.”

    Muslims have infiltrated each and every large party in the UK save the UKIP, which sees the threat to British values that Islam represents.

    Islam is less of a religion than it is a political system. I wish that more people would understand that and fight Islam wherever it is.

  3. I don’t know about you guys, but my idea of conservative values, does not include fuzzy feel good soiclistic drivel. The equality “manifesto” is nothing but trying to out socialize the left. Want to end inequality? That’s easy. Simply concentate on merit. The best candidate for the job, irrespective of any of the identifiers outlined in the “manifesto” . If this is the new conservatism in Britain, then you might as well run up the white flag now, ’cause it is all over but the crying.

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