One Reply to “The Nazi Origins of Modern Muslim Terror”

  1. From the day that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem visited Hitler, Islam has been one small step away from being the successor to the Nazi ideology. Nazism, though, was the heir to Islam’s anti-Semitism and hatred of “the other”.

    Islam is far more dangerous than Nazism. The Nazi Party had developed quasi-religious ceremonies and incorporated radical Protestant and neo-Pagan elements into its ideology, but never tried to hide its political origins and ambitions.

    Islam has had over 1,400 years of creating a layer of religious legitimacy over its political aims which breeds a very powerful fanatical base. This legitimacy moreoever, is used to fool the west into thinking that any criticism of what Islam is doing (and by Islam I mean its leaders and terrorists) is also a criticism of how we define religion and is therefore wrong.

    Time and time again, Muslims claim that we should not use our standards for them since they are part of a vast centuries-old religion and should be treated with as much respect as Christianity. What they really want is more than repsect, they want domination and power of a secular sort.

    Islam and Nazism are “blood brothers”.

    The more people understand that, the less likely that we will tolerate Islam in our midst.

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