Asymetrical warfare?

Typically we resist the temptation to post anything to do with US politics unless it crosses the line clearly into the realm of irrational leftism or Islamic advancement on Western Liberal democracy.

That line appears to be more and more difficult to draw.

In that spirit, I welcome readers to click over to this site and watch the videos and read the analysis of this peculiar tactic used on a Tea Party and comment as to why this may not be what it appears to be. I really hope the article is missing some salient fact. Like 50% of the Tea Party attendees where former members of a terrorist group bent on the destruction of the USA like I dunno, the weather underground maybe? Something like that.

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3 Replies to “Asymetrical warfare?”

  1. You know, I’m beginning to smell a rat with this new President, here.

    He is doing everything possible to alienate the voting public and has no compunction to sic the riot police on people who are otherwise protesting peacefully, as is their right under the Constitution. Its a bit like Chicago 1968, but in miniature.

    He is also reaching further out to dictators in the Musim world and has been photographed entering mosques in a fashion that tells me he may not be what he says he is: Christian.

    He appears on the surface to uphold the laws of the US and the values of the free world, yet demonstrates that he wants to see the world’s Muslims get better deals. Aren’t OPEC and the Euromed treaty enough?

    Finally, he admonished Israel, knowing full well that the PA and Hamas violated their treaty with Israel once Hamas knew they could get public support through the mainstream media.

    I don’t get it.

    I smell a rat.

    May the truth and the west prevail.

  2. True to the making of an Orwellian police state the innocent must be made to look guilty. Tomorrow the MSM and the Commie pink rag newspapers will report that riot geared police were called to the Tea Party demonstration . Left out will be the facts and truth,that everyone was peaceful and non violent. The right to peacefully demonstrate and assemble is only sanctioned by the Leftists when it suits their agenda. What they never anticipated was a grassroots movement that needs no leaders,just ordinary people with common sense, a lust for freedom and liberty,and a return to the values of the Constitution.

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