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5 Replies to “Video response to the threat to South Park”

  1. Good one. If only the Canadian Left would stop destroying Canada by siding with the muslims. If only politicians could see the threat of muslim immigrants coming here in tens of thousands. Thousands today will become millions in a few years. Politicians are selling their souls and their country for the muslim vote.

  2. I agree. Atheists seem to miss the point. It is arguing from the wrong level of abstraction making all things which are not empirically provable to be the problem. If this was the case, one can put romantic love square up there with religion and every other fairy tale humans use by necessity to survive the horror that can be life.

  3. This man speaks along side Geert Wilders, Wafta Sultan, and others who see Islam as the total control system that it is.

    I would go further than he did in the video.

    Islam has no place in the modern world and never belonged on the planet in the first place. It is the most destructive, mind-destroying cult that ever came out of a primitive backwater country with little knowledge of the rest of the world and even less knowledge of freedom.

    Islam is not a religion, but a way for men, and it is mostly men, to give themselves free reign to their most base impulses such as lying, theft, brutality, rape, pedophilia and murder with no punishment. It also gives them the ability to seek out power for the sake of power, a deadly combination in any context and made more disastrous when applied to religion.

    I will accept Islam as a religion only when it casts off the irrational, violent and backwards impulses that it encourages and joins the 21st century.

    I will accept Islam as a religion only when churches, synagaogues, temples, and other types of religious buildings are built in Mecca, Riyadh, Tripoli, Istanbul, Lahore and all other capital cities in the Muslim world and the people who worship in them are not intimidated, beaten, mutilated or murdered for doing so.

    I will accept Islam as a religion when the life of its founder is rejected as a model for others to follow.

    I will accept Islam as a religion only when it can stand internal and external scrutiny and join the free world.

    Until then, Islam will forever be a criminal enterprise to me, only worthy of contempt as an historical curiosity that should have died with its founder.

    May the west prevail.

    Kufar and proud.

  4. It becomes time that islam is going to be ended. There has been enough killing and robing, there have been enough moslems who live a life in misery. Now is the time that islam is being shut up for the final time. There is no place on the face of the earth for moslems and other person who believe in fairy tails.
    The only thing we have to do is explain to every moslem one-by-one that his religion is fake, that it was only invented to get cheap whores en cheap slaves. It will be an unpleasant message, but it is unavoidable to tell all moslems the truth!

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