The religion of peace demonstrates its tolerance in many ways today

Here is an interesting story out of Somalia, from Jihad watch. Now if only they would stop shooting guns cause it reminds them of American infidels. Or stop eating food cause it reminds them of Hindus. Or breathing air because it reminds them of Jews.

MOGADISHU (Reuters) – Somalia’s al Shabaab militants have ordered schools in Jowhar town to stop using bells to signal the end of classes because they sound like those of Christian churches, teachers said on Thursday.

Now when you factor in the following chart from Blazing Cat Fur:

(Explanation for this chart and origins at link above)

Let me explain why this graph is, well, frankly, bullshit.

When a Christian, Jew, Hindu or Buddhist, atheist or frankly any non Muslim hears the question they will hear it in one of a few similar ways. In essense, they think you mean, and rightfully so, that if someone attacks through words your symbols or ideas or what you may hold sacred within your faith or religious traditions. Or, they might hear that if you are personally physcially attacked for being what you are in terms of your religious identity. Some variant on one of these two themes.

Let me be very clear here.

When a Muslim thinks in these terms, or hears this question, they are hearing that if someone was to stop them imposing their religion and sharia laws on them, it is an attack on their religion. In Islam, they have an absolute unimpeachable and unalterable duty to spread Islam and impose it on the world. To prevent them from doing so, even in the nicest possible ways, to allow total freedom of religious worship but stop them from making you a subject of them, is an attack on their religion as they see it, and deserving of more physical force, even more than they where already using to impose their religion on you, for which you are a bad person for resisting, in the first place.

I know this is hard to wrap your heads around, but Islam has basically buggered a lot of the terms we are comfortable with amongst each other for the express purpose of anesthetizing us into becoming serfs under Islam. One of those terms, is ‘defence’.

When you factor that in, you realize the Muslims are answering a very different question, and that tends to make the results a lot more sque’d than they already are.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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  1. Islam imposes a very different set of morals on its followers. These “morals” invert all that other religions hold sacred, like the sanctity of life, freedom of conscience and other ethical behaviours which we take for granted as normal.

    Muslims, on the other hand, can steal, lie, cheat, rape and murder all those who they feel insults their beliefs because the koran says it is allowed. Wafta Sultan puts it nicely when she says in effect, (I’m paraprhasing) that the Muslim mind is not the same as other minds. Muslims are indoctrinated into a total control system that has no relation to common sense or human values.

    I’m glad that Eeyore makes it clear that whenever you ask a Muslim a question about jihad (for this is a question about jihad), he hears a different meaning behind the words “violence”, “force” and “justified”. In their eyes, it is all justified when the doctrine of Islam is spread.

    Its bred into them from the very beginning and makes them intolerant, prone to lying (tikkaya and kitman, remember) and enables them to promote and perfomr violent acts against non-beleivers.

    The west must learn that this is the world of dar-al-habr that Muslims live in, and anything they can do to make it dar-al-islam is justifiable in their minds.

    May the west prevail.

    Kufar and proud.

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