Demands we should all be making on our own governments

Below are a rather reasonable set of demands I think. Demands which are not asking for anything new, but in fact, are asking governments simply to obey their own rules, regulations, and indeed laws. They are not asking that Islam have a lesser place at the table, but simply not a greater one and certainly not one at the expense of the Non-Muslim tax dollar.

While the list of demands below where draughted specifically for the U.K., it is easy to adapt them to pretty much anywhere in the western or frankly, non-Islamic world.

I would invite readers to examine them and discuss. Point out what is reasonable and fair and what is not. Tweaking would be a good thing, but at the end of the day, or less metaphorically, in a month or so, it would be nice to have a really solid set of principles based on maintenance of secular and Western laws that we can make on our governments, who are appeasing Islam and destroying liberal democracy at a frantic pace.

Eeyore for Vlad:

1. AN END TO THE CONSTRUCTION AND PROLIFERATION OF UNREGULATED MOSQUES, often funded by Wahhabist petrodollars which preach a doctrine of hate, intolerance and murder in this country, and which promote and institutionalise it.  We oppose the building of any more Mosques until the problem of Islamism is dealt with. Mosques must be regulated properly, imams vetted for their suitability, and mosque attendees monitored for any radical inclination.  In Islamic teachings the mosque’s mission or function is not just limited to prayer and religious services, but extends to physically and practically instructing followers how to bring the earth under Islamic domination.  This teaching is not acceptable.
For existing mosques proposed measures of control could include:
a) Full disclosure of religious foundations.
b)  Certified translation of the Qur’an and Ahadith to be deposited with the relevant Ministry
c) All fatwas from imams preaching in UK to be translated into English and deposited at the appropriate Ministry
d)  Islamic religious instructors, must dissociate from those Koranic verses that propagate the disadvantage of women, corporal punishment and violence against members of other religions (and atheists and non-theists)
e)  Adjustments to the building regulations so that the preservation of the British Cultural heritage is guaranteed (no dome and minarets)
f)  Prayer houses and rooms are often misused and thus viewed as conducive to setting up cells of Islamic parallel society. Mosque-affiliated businesses, restaurants, commercial areas are — unless correctly legally established — to close immediately.
g)  The sellers of any Islamic literature which encourages or promotes the subjugation of women or hatred and/or violence against the unbeliever or the apostate should be prosecuted.

Examples of authoritarian Sharia law include: requirement of women to obtain permission from husbands for daily freedoms; beating of disobedient woman and girls; execution of homosexuals; engagement of polygamy and forced child marriages; the testimony of four male witnesses to prove rape; honour killings of those, principally women, who have dishonored the family; death to apostate Muslims who chose to leave Islam; inferior status of non-Muslims, and capital punishment for those “slander Islam
.We do not want parallel legal systems operating in the UK.
By this we mean:
a) The abolition of Sharia courts .   The UK Legal system should apply to all. This Islamic legal system reduces women to the mere status of a man’s “property”. It does not recognise marital rape, it does not recognise gay rights, it does not recognise many factors contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
b) Ban on covering faces: Total ban of burqa and chador in public, both for reasons of security and because it runs counter to our custom of equality between the sexes.
c) . Forcing the headscarf on children is to be considered an act of violence on the part of the legal guardian and must be treated as child abuse.
d) The de-facto acceptance of Polygamy in the UK is to cease.  The Law should be equal for all.
e) As prescribed by law to other religious groups in the UK, a ban on marriages in mosques without prior civil wedding must be enforced.
f) Animal Cruelty: Ban on trade in and the sale of meat slaughtered according to Islamic rites. Non-Muslim children should not be obliged to eat halal meat in our schools.
g) A ban on the introduction of Sharia Finance by our Financial Institutions.
“Sharia Compliant Finance as monitored by paid Sharia law advisors to U.S. banking institutions must “purify” certain return on investment (ROI) dollars that do not meet Shariah law standards. This money must be donated to Islamic charities – including some that promote Jihad and support suicide bombing.”

a) Immediate cessation of all public measures designed to encourage refusal of integration (separate cemeteries, special treatments in hospitals, offer of social services in the languages of the countries of origin of migrants, etc.)
b) Immediate deportation of foreign Imams who preach hate and intolerance.
c) Immediate deportation of illegal immigrants and criminals on completion of their prison sentence.
d) Urgent action to be taken by the police against Muslim groups engaged in the “grooming” of young girls.
e) Criminal proceedings to be taken urgently against Muslim groups plying the drug trade in many of our towns and cities which are already well-known to the authorities.
f) Trial of Islamists who promote sedition on our streets.  If they are found to be dual nationals, withdraw British citizenship and remove from our country.
g) Much stricter controls of importation of family members and spouses from Muslim countries.
h) Introduce measures to halt to the creation of an alternative Muslim society on UK territory.
i) Segregate Muslim prisoners in our jails so that they are unable to proselytize to non-Muslim or convert them to Islam under threat or coercion.
j) Allow the Islamic doctrine to be discussed and criticised the same as any other belief system without fear of prosecution for “racism”.  Islam is not a race and Freedom of Speech is one of the cornerstones of our civilization.
h) Halt the disproportionate funding of Islamic organizations from taxpayers’ money.

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  1. And how do you plan on geting them to even read these demands, what do you have to ofer them?????
    The Orks(Muslims) have violence if they dont receive what they demand…what do you have????

  2. Once a clear rational set of demands are formulated, and enough people realize that they matter, you will see large groups of people marching in cities across the Western World for them. This has already started in some cities.

    Withholding taxes is another strategy. Forcing the police to choose between their own citizens who only demand that which is written in law already, and a cancer ridden body politic attempting to destroy centuries of jurisprudence.

    Why not help edit the demands. Then we see where it goes. I will not give up without a fight.

  3. Awful as this is to say, the most important step in fighting Islamification is the complete cessation of immigration from Muslim countries, with the exception of legitimate refugees. I’ve read the Koran and many Hadiths and let me assure you, that book is not your friend if you are an Infidel. That’s just the way it is-I didn’t write it. Unpleasant as such words seem, it will be so much more unpleasant if the Muslim populations in Western countries are allowed to continue growing as they are now. It could get ugly.

  4. Chris I agree with you. What a shame our government does not. Clearly the opportunistic minority government has decided to go the other way. From the CBC:

    Canada to reform refugee system: Kenney

    By CBC News
    CBC News
    Proposed reforms to Canada’s refugee system would increase the number of refugees accepted into the country and provide more funding to help them integrate into society and find jobs.

    Proposed reforms to Canada’s refugee system would increase the number of refugees accepted into the country and provide more funding to help them integrate into society and find jobs.
    Under the proposed legislation announced Monday, Canada would resettle as many as 14,500 refugees selected by the United Nations annually, 2,500 more than it does currently.
    Five hundred of those would be sponsored by the government; the remaining 2,000 would be sponsored by Canadians and permanent residents as part of the private sponsorship refugees program.
    “Millions of people have fled violence and persecution to seek refuge outside their home countries and we would like to do more to provide them with protection in Canada,” said Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney.
    The reforms will help some of the estimated 10.5 million “refugees living in desperate circumstances around the world and in urgent need of resettlement,” Kenney said.
    More funding for the newly settled

    The government also wants to increase funding for the resettlement assistance program (RAP) to $54 million annually from $45 million in order to ensure newly arrived refugees are receiving “the support they need to begin their new lives in Canada,” according to a government release.
    The RAP provides a monthly income to newly arrived refugees for food and shelter for up to one year with a possible extension for two years for refugees with special needs, or until the refugee is self-sufficient, whichever is shorter.
    If approved by Parliament, it would be the first permanent funding increase to the RAP in more than 10 years, and provide benefits at par with provincial social assistance rates.
    In total, the new measures would cost the government $111.7 million over five years.
    Refugee advocates have long urged Ottawa to increase the amount of funding to help settle newcomers to Canada.
    Illegitimate asylum-seekers targeted

    Kenney said he will follow up the announcement by tabling far-reaching legislation on Tuesday, targeted mainly at people claiming refugee status after they arrive in Canada.
    That package aims to speed up the approval system for refugee claimants who come to Canada looking for asylum by efficiently sorting out legitimate refugees from those who are trying to take advantage of Canada’s system.
    Under the new legislation, refugee claimants would be sorted into two groups – those from democratic countries deemed safe, and those from more dangerous spots.
    The safe-country people would be fast-tracked, but would still have access to a full hearing.
    Bureaucrats, rather than political appointees, would handle the initial decisions.
    And the bill would set up a new, more robust appeal system, allowing those who are turned down to introduce new evidence before they are ejected from Canada.
    Kenney wants to get rid of the huge backlog of refugee claimants who often have to wait up to two years before their legal limbo is cleared up. He also wants to close loopholes in the system that allow posers to play the system and stay in Canada for years.

    Chris a year ago or so, I was speaking with someone who had retired from the Refugee board of Canada. He had said that in his entire career there, he had yet to meet one person, who actually qualified as a refugee.

  5. You know, a friend on mine’s sister has worked for the Canadian immigration department since the seventies, and guess what, she says the same thing. They get five grand up-front too, maybe more now.

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