South Korean Naval vessel sunk, possible torpedo attack by North


According to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, a 1,500-ton naval vessel with a crew of 104 sank off of the island of Baengnyeong in the Yellow Sea on March 26. Based on size and crew displacement it is likely either an Ulsan-class guided missile frigate or a Po Hang-class corvette. The incident took place between 9 and 10 a.m. local time. The cause is unknown, but the BBC has reported that a torpedo was involved. Seoul has said there was an explosion at the stern, and it is investigating whether a torpedo attack from North Korea was the cause, according to YTN TV. The contested waters between North and South Korea do see the occasional naval clashes, but the loss of a surface combatant on this scale would be extremely significant.


March 26, 2010
A South Korean military source said March 26 that the naval vessel that sank near North Korea was probably attacked, KBS reported.


March 26, 2010
MBC television reported about half the crew of a sunken South Korean Navy vessel has been saved so far, Channel News Asia reported March 26.

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