British journalist Paul Martin held in Gaza

I like hiw BBC explains that Hamas ‘took control after winning elections’ as if it was somehow a democratic government. Doesn’t mention the coup at all except by effect. Well, it isn’t like the BBC is a serious news organization after all.


A British journalist has been arrested in Gaza by Hamas security forces, British and Hamas officials say. BBC

The man was identified as Paul Martin. The arrest was confirmed by the Foreign Office, which also said it was providing consular assistance.

A Hamas spokesman said Mr Martin was arrested for violating security but further details were not given.

Reports say he was taken into custody for a fortnight while attending a court hearing.

Mr Martin has written for the BBC and the Times.

Hamas interior ministry spokesman Ehab Ghussein said: “We have confessions that the British journalist committed offences against Palestinian law, and that harms the security of the country.”

Hamas is the Palestinian militant Islamist organisation that took control of Gaza after winning elections there in 2007.

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