What would be said if Bush did this:

This is too easy a post. I mean even my most adamant leftist friends admit that a clear double standard has existed from the beginning of Obama’s term in office. Of course only when no one else was listening. Like when Obama appointed a tax cheat as head of the I.R.S. for example. It was a safe bet that had Bush done so, there would be a national if not global crisis of deafness as a result of the shrieking of the left and media in general.

As a rule, VTB has at least attempted to not post anything about Obama unless it was a matter of direct impact on Islam in the west and the jihad in general, like Obama’s truly horrific speech in Cairo last year, or irrational leftism like the ACORN stories.

This is neither. But I simply cannot contain myself on the matter of the grotesque double standard. Bush was attacked for taking six minutes to respond to 911 when no one was expecting anything like it, as he read from a children’s book at a class for grade six. Obama took as many days to respond to the Fort Hood shooting and everyone is expecting Islamic terrorism even if no one is allowed to call it that.

Then we have this:

Frankly I thought this was a photoshop. No one outside of the set of Dexter can be this pathologically egomaniacal. Then I saw these which contained the image below:

But this goes beyond a gentle poke at the left and their selective myopia. The fact that the president of the United States uses a rig like this to speak to kids in grade six is itself a sad sad reflection of this man’s self image for good or for bad. I mean who needs a podium with your title on it and two microphones to speak to a couple of dozen kids sitting within 30 feet of you?

I would venture a guess that whoever does, is not a well man.

Lastly, if you choose to listen to the Cairo speech in the link at the top, investigate his claims about Islamic invention. They are themselves, invention, and where they are not, they are grotesque and perverse distortions of important historical facts. Search for the history of the U.S. marines, and why Jefferson had a Koran. There are too many misrepresentations of history and fact to list, but for those with an eye to research, investigating the claims in that that speech will yield some surprises.

Eeyore for Vladtepesblog with thanks to larwyn and Jammie Wearing Fool

UPDATE: Jammie wearing fool reports this rig was used for the media afterwards. Not sure that changes one thing though.

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  1. In the solidly left British version of Tass that is the entire broadcast media, every Republican President has been portrayed as a swivel-eyed, war mongering red neck of limited inteligence.
    Every dimocrat has been a paragon of virtue who will spread his stardust over the world and heal every wound and dry every tear.
    Sad git that I am I stayed up all night to watch the election coverage on Bush’s re-election.When the result was clear I could not beleive the reaction of the comentators.They sat around stunned, some obviously on the verge of tears.
    The spite and malice with which they demonised George Bush and contrived to portray him as a congenital idiot was absolutely disgraceful.For a supposedly impartial broadcaster to behave like that was-well I can’t think of an expletive strong enough.
    For instance I once managed to catch a Bush speech in it’s entirity- can’t remember what about, but it was calm, measured, sensible, what he said shouldn’t have bothered even a liberal who wasn’t filled with spite. By the time the B.B.C. had edited it into soudbites for the evening news, he was not only made to look a total idiot, but they actually made him look as if he had said the opposite to what he acually had said.
    For instance he is often ridiculed for sitting reading to schoolchildren after the 9/11 attacks. What was he supposed to do? Run around the room yelling and and waving his arms in the air?Drop everything and rush out in an obvious panic? Or would it have been best to just carry on reading for a few
    moments whilst he collected his thoughts and then calmly make his apologies and leave, concious of the fact that the nation’s cameras were upon him, and any sign of panic by himself could cause nationwide panic?.Of cause any action by him would have been turned into an excuse to criticise and ridicule him.
    For instance how many times have we seen the time that he struggled with the door after making a speech?.How many people have seen the obamessia
    try EVERY LOCKED WINDOW to a Whitehouse room before finally gaining
    access through an UNLOCED DOOR no! thought not.
    And the time they showed Bush visiting New Orleans with the voice over commenting “And here’s George Bush pretending to be bothered” (CH4 news).And they can’t leave him alone now he’s gone, it continues unabated-the media equivalent of digging up Cromwell and beheading him-or perhaps that title should go to the recent film about Frost interviewing Nixon-I guess Hollywood thought that Nixon was getting too much good press now that he is dead.They must have-to have made a movie that was only interesting to rabid leftie tossers-it must have lost millions.
    I guess I’ll never know the truth about George Bush, the propaganda was too relentless, but I must say, from what I have seen uncensored, I quite liked the guy. He came across as very honest, with a great, often self deprecating sense of humour.I thought his departing speech was great-when I finally managed to track it down (the B.B.C. cut it off half way through, so I suppose they thought it was good too), and I absolutely LOVED the Barbara Bush “my husband George speech”.
    The obamessia ? The coverage was just as hystercal the other way .But he must be doing shit because even the B.B.C. can’t find anything to report about him.
    Sorry I’ve rambled on a bit, but I’ve wanted to get my disgust at the vicious demonising ofBush at the hands of the British media for a long time.

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