Palestinian Attack on Jewish Chronicle Website


The JC’s website was the subject of an online attack yesterday. Hackers managed to place a message on the home page in support of “Palestinian Mujahaeeds”.

The site was immediately suspended while technicians investigated if the site’s security had been breached.

Fortunately, they quickly established that no serious breach had taken place and no damage was done. Early indications are that the perpetrator was operating from a computer in Turkey.

Only site was affected. None of our numerous sister servers handling our archives, e-paper, social and personal, debating and MSFL sport were infiltrated.

Pleasingly, the community was quick to respond. By 4.40pm, a mere 20 minutes after the site was breached, senior executives had received dozens of text messages and phone calls alerting them; from synagogues, the CST, Jewish organisations and individuals.

As many observers tweeted the story, our Wikipedia entry was updated at 5.22pm, although examination of the IP addresses involved suggests this was not linked to the attack.

A member of the JC IT team explained: “The version of the site that was running at the time was addressing a virtual file system only. It was similar to viewing a cached version of a page. It was temporary until re-booted.

“The file system on the server was not affected at all. No-one had managed to write anything on to the actual site itself.”

The site went live again at 10.30 this morning.

Editor Stephen Pollard said: “Only those without the confidence to win an argument resort to such tactics. And it was a pretty self-defeating attempt to silence us. Our site was down for a few hours, but as a result we will get more readers than ever before.”

A similar message was placed on the home page of the Israeli site

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