Iranian State Media Blames US And The Joooos For Nuclear Physicist’s Murder…….

Blaming others is what they do best

Boy that’s a real shocker, Iran’s state run news agency blames the US and the Jews for blowing up a physicist up on his motorcycle. The skullduggery of it all. KGS

Iranian media blames Israel, US for killing Teheran professor

An Iranian state broadcaster on Tuesday blamed “Zionist and American agents” for a bomb which killed Iranian nuclear physics professor Massoud Ali Mohammadi.

The IRIB report, cited by Reuters, claimed that a bomb-rigged motorcycle parked outside the professor’s Teheran home was “detonated by a remote control.” IRIB did not give a source for the allegation.

“As a result of the bomb planted by Zionist and American agents two cars and a motorcycle were severely damaged and the windows in the surrounding residential units were shattered,” the report said.

The professor was “martyred this morning in a terrorist act by anti-revolutionary and arrogant powers’ elements,” the broadcaster said.

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  1. It is looking like the Iranian government of I’madinnerjacket may have done this targeted assassination as the man who was killed was a physicist who opposed the regime and was a prof. at a university.

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