Where Have All the Conservatives Gone?

From The Brussels Journal

Britain will hold a general election within the next five months. And after more than a decade of the Leftwing Labour party, the Conservatives are expected to win. Party leader David Cameron is a likeable if nondescript man, in sync with the fashionable concerns of the media, and out of touch with the electorate.

Labour is loathed in Britain. So much so that there has even been talk of it being cast into the political “wilderness” for a decade, if not of its total destruction. It’s not difficult to grasp why. In the last decade Labour has encouraged uncontrolled immigration, in an attempt to change the country once and for all. It has presided over the growth of radical Islam. It has surrendered British sovereignty to the EU without so much as giving the people a vote on the matter. And, perhaps, most importantly, it has made political correctness the norm, stifling dissent, and silencing even the most reasonable objections to its project. Only “extremists” and “racists” would worry about such things, has been the message given out at every opportunity.

In the 2009 EU elections Labour came third, behind the Conservatives and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). The latter wants to withdraw from the EU, and under its new leader, Lord Pearson, it will also tackle radical Islam.

Cameron’s speech on January 2 was an opportunity to show the public that he too will tackle the things the electorate cares about. The thwarted terrorist attempt over Detroit on Christmas Day provided reason enough to raise the issue of radical Islam in Britain, the damage that it does to the US-UK “special relationship,” and the threat it poses to the public’s safety, to democracy, and to liberty. He didn’t. Instead, Cameron repeatedly spoke of “hope” and – you guessed it – “change.” He has plans for “a new high-speed rail network,” but has no plans to tackle… read more.

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