To the readers of Vlad, happy new year!

First I would like to say that for we at Vlad, what started as a labour of urgency and neccesity has been made one of great comfort by the fact that we went from roughly a few dozen hits a day into the thousands within a year and a half. We are most grateful to all of you who read us often and perhaps even send a friend or two here from time to time.

While Grace and I and others who write this blog would do so if no one else ever read it as we feel this is a task of some importance and just documenting some of these events past and present is worth the effort for it’s own sake, it has encouraged us a great deal to see how this site has grown, and what fantastic readers and commenter’s we have here now. Proud-Kaffir (i’m sorry I know I always spell your nick wrong I apologize) sends me all kinds of great articles for example as do so many here.

All this to say that your kind encouragement has meant a lot to us who toil at and we wish you a wonderful and happy new year.

I would like to add in closing, that we are fighting for western civilization. This means that I hope all of you take the opportunity to speak freely no matter what your beliefs are and to speak them loudly. Freedom of speech is a use it or lose it thing. Each time we self censor, we are creating space for governments to mandate these limits on us.

And blaspheme a little. Against any gods you do not believe in and enjoy the freedom to question the ones you do perhaps. Once that freedom is gone, you may no longer have the luxury to shape your own understanding of your god in a way that allows you to sleep well at night.

In other words, revel in freedom. The way to defeat the illiberal forces of Islam and our own useful idiots on the far left, is to revel in freedoms and test the limits of it. Ladies dress how you want and behave as you feel is in your own best interests. Men, enjoy it while you can.

Happy new year to all and may 2010 bring liberty for all.

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  1. Happy New Year to you too! I don’t know what I’d do without VTB, Fjordman, Nick Vandergraagt and others in Ottawa speaking the truth and exercising our right to free speech in Canada against the Islamofascists and liberal lunatics that threaten our very existence. More please!

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