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5 Replies to “KSA: Jihad Rehab art therapy for terrorists! CBC TV!”

  1. Well what can I say. Clearly this man did not have enough table tennis and art therapy. A year of each was not enough. First, he tried to kill thousands of Americans for which he paid the harsh price of a year or two of table tennis, (truly hell if you aren’t Japanese) and then some hard time in art therapy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (also hell if you have already graduated kindergarten) then he tried to kill thousands of Americans again by crashing a burning plane into them.
    I think the US may want to consider harsher measures. Mayhaps a cruise on the Caribbean with a 6 month stop over in St. Maartin once they make it all halal? Or what about a few years in a Club Med. I am beggining to feel quite the chump. All these years of honest work. My retirement plan was going to be prison. Now I think Ill fake an aircraft event with some plasticine and hope they lock me away in a nice room in Cuba. I do not know for sure what I would have to do all day, but I am absolutely sure that I would eat better in Gitmo, than any freaking average Cuban.

  2. Truely funny. I once worked a very long time ago in a mental hospital. We used to have art classes for the loons. One of them would bite you if you were not looking. Spilled my tea all over me once. Just wait when noone is looking and see what these people are going to be up to. They know the Koran. They know what is what. They know this is a charade for the cameras.

  3. Sow yes the other day I told someone that I was reading Koran. They responded that terrorists and violent Muslims have strayed far from it. They were not happy with my reply.

    Everyone should read that book. Stephen King is a distant 3rd for horror.

  4. Is it just me, or did I see nothing on that ‘art’ page these dimwits held up? Also, I couldn’t help but notice the head gear……looks like stolen french table cloths to me.

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