Making sense of Iran

Of course the Iranian government is doing it’s best to crush any information showing violence or problems. However it appears as if this time more than last time, the security forces are abandoning their orders and not shooting at crowds or firing in the air. This is one small step from firing on their superiors and allowing for a new regime changing revolution, as the current government can only stay in power so long as their security apparatus allows them to, in the face of this kind of opposition.

New information from STRATFOR is coming in every few minutes but of course I cannot post it as most of it is copyright. However the odd SITREP or paragraph I can so I will try and keep up.

Here is a short video someone else sent me (Thank you Infidel) of someone being killed on the streets in a protest.

It should be noted that seven Hizbolah operatives have also been arrested in Iraq today. This means that Iran has agents operating in a manner that causes suspicion in many areas. Iran also is conducting a proxy war in Yemen with Saudi Arabia and arguably the U.S.

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