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6 Replies to “Pat Condell talks about ‘militant atheism’”

  1. Yes i don’t 100% agree with Pat on this one but i think it deserves thought. He makes some sound points even if they aren’t all.

  2. He only focuses on Christianity and Islam or the desert dogmas as he calls them. He says religion but that is what he means. He did a video where he praised Buddhism as marvellous and stated that it was good of Hindus not try to take over the world when you consider their numbers of nearly a billion and as a vegetarian he mentioned he admired that about hinduism too. So let him off on this one. He has done some really good videos combatting Islam.

  3. Well he’s talking about all religions generally, and any collective ideology for that matter, that stands for injustice in the name of justice.

    He’s particularly scathing on Islam because of its world domination agenda, whereas the other religions are just content to promote bigotry without actually forcing it onto people (at the moment).
    The desert dogmas are the worst, (although at least there’s debate within Christianity and Judaism) unlike Islam.
    I’m sure, if I’ve got the measure of the man, that he’d be equally scathing about the Hindu caste system, and the nihilistic poverty of thought that underpins Buddhism, with it’s poisonous doctrine of reincarnation.
    The point he’s making is that giving the bigot a free pass, because he’s clothed in vestments, is like turning a blind eye while catholic priests fuck kids. The dysfunction of doctrine, for want of a better phrase. All collective ideologies are the same, what was Communism but a collective ideology, a religion in stolen atheists’ robes?
    He concentrates on Islam because it’s the only one blowing up planes at the moment, but his general point still stands: all religions are bunk, they’re followers wouldn’t whine all the time if this wasn’t true.

  4. Blindguard, your post is identical to Pat’s video in a way. At one level I agree completely. In another, it deserves some scrutiny. I think its crucial not to confuse the rule with the exception. Islam makes it a noble thing to rape children. Really it does. When Catholic priests are caught doing it, it is a a crime even within the church and certainly there is no dogma that advises it. The rule and the exception are not to be confused. However it is true that given enough power, Catholicism has shown that it may be difficult to distinguish from Islam in important and evil ways. Judaism does not proselytize, nor does it seek converts or make conversion easy. This alone means it will always be a non-threat to important freedoms and most ‘Jews’ are liberals even against their own interests. Buddhism and Hinduism overall are cognitive tools and not really religions at all, although each have deteriorated into mere superstition and god-bothering in some areas.
    In any case thanks for your comment. Like Pat’s video, it is important to see and think about.

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