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3 Replies to “STRATFOR Video on police clashes in Iran today.”

  1. It is good to see the people trying to break away from their over a thousand years of slavery to the Arabs. Slaves are revolting or is it that they are just fed up with the poverty of Iran and the behaviour of the current regime. If that is the case and it is the case they are just stirred up muzzies of shite variety.

  2. Liberals alway make out that they are a noble and ancient people. What a crock. They are shite savages and have been for over a millenium of inbreeding, stoning to death women and sex with underage girls. But you got to admire the kindness of liberals. They always throw the stones at anyone who is throwing stones at their favourite ethnic minorities. The muzzie usually get their first as the favoured shites of our time. Sunnies or sunny boys are a close second.

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