Iran sees more and larger unrest. Govt. in real trouble

First a Stratfor video on the death of a key figure in the Iranian revolution:

Here is two paragraphs from a Stratfor analysis of what this may mean, two paragraphs being the agreement with Stratfor of what may be published without direct permission. For the rest of this analysis, please join or sign up for a trial membership.

This is undoubtedly Tehran’s foremost internal threat, and it comes during its biggest foreign policy challenge. Tehran is fast approaching the year-end deadline to accept a United Nations deal and relinquish control over its stockpile of indigenously enriched uranium or face the threat of crippling gasoline sanctions or worse: U.S. or Israeli military action — or both. One option for the regime is to remain defiant and provoke war in an attempt to try to consolidate itself on the home front.

But there are no guarantees that Iran’s already incensed public won’t fault the regime for plunging the country into war. On the other hand, the perception of capitulation to international pressure could end up exacerbating the domestic unrest. It is not clear whether the Islamic republic will fall, but the current elite in charge is truly between a rock and a hard place.

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  1. I wonder how concerned for the poor mullahs, ayatollahs and giant-nosed Ahmadinahandjob Buraq Arafat Saddam Hussein Osama is… Probably quite a lot. Should the regime fall, his silent support for the wrong side will add yet another giant blunder to his blunder-only foreign policy.

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