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3 Replies to “David Horowitz speaks at USC”


    Bravo to David! One of the best presentations I have heard.

    It’s so important that the voices of leaders like David, Geert, Noni, Wafa, Walid and others gets out.

    David cuts through all the doublespeak BS which has infected so many Western minds. The lecture should be shown on mainstream TV but I ain’t holding my breath.

    What’s great about it is that it isn’t just a quick sound byte or talking point. The speech was too much 10 minutes in for those whose minds are closed. Must’ve created a crisis inside them and yet, had they focused for the whole lecture, it just might have been enough to gain a small foothold in their brainwashed minds. Just what the lefties and apologists need to hear.

    Thanks Eeyore for this very important post.

  2. What will it take for people to listen to reason? AHA – maybe I am being too Western to assume that humans respond to REASON in the first place!

    There may be a learning experience for those who have it backwards. Coming up in a few days is a dhimmi march in Gaza on Dec. 31. Seems that they expect both Egypt and Israel to throw open their borders!!

    I asked them (respectfully) if they were sincere about approaching a SOLUTION. I got no reply so far and I guess that the concept of “solution” must be one of those crackpot ideas from the “far right”.

    At any rate – I hope they wear their ugly pink bikinis in Gaza, it’ll be a hoot to see what happens. Maybe part of the SOLUTION will come from a healthy dose of reality from Hamas – you know, the ones who throw people they don’t like from tall buildings.

    Code Pink’s pro-Islamist feminists need to know who they are championing, just as the ignoramuses protesting Horowitz’s lecture, or the anti-Wilders gays need to learn.

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