Copenhagen’s ‘Other’ Climate Conference…….

These series of videos from the event bear watching, yes, even in spite of the length. The Tundra Tabloids suggests for those in a hurry, for starters, skip past Danish MP, Morten Messerschmidt’s opening address and view the 2nd.

The lecture by Prof.Roger A Pielke, from Colorado University, Boulder, explains that the effects humans have in land reclamation and areosols in the atmoshpere far outweigh the effects CO2 might have on the environment. In short, local climate scenarios are being wrongfully used by the IPCC to explain a “global climate phenomenon”, and that aerosols still in the atmosphere influence weather patterns 60x more than that of CO2.

But also pay heed to Lord Monckton’s lecture where he rips the Climate-Gate cabal of scientists a new one, for highly unethical behavior as well as highlighting the fact that they more than likely be prosecuted for fraud.

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