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3 Replies to “Richard Dawkins on what actually is offensive”

  1. He obviously hasn’t heard the recent comment by noam chumpski (hope I have the right person, but it could be any of the rabid left wing socialist, secularist, utopian deniers (of the truth )that run America’s-and Britain’s universities), that the millions murdered by stalin in the pursuit of the great socialist utopia was worth it!
    Its not as if the great experiment actually worked!The only thing that the people under the seventy-odd years of soviet rule were equal in was their poverty and their misery.-With the exception of those who ran the show, and their mates
    This socialist, secularist (as I have said before; the first thing that they tried to destroy was Christianity, and to keep the people oppressed they had to suppress it for their whole time in power)cult, is a cult of blind faith, who’s beleifs are at odds with all the evidence , and they have nerve to describe themselves as men of science and reason -liberal inteligensia is the supreme oxymoron.
    Followers of this cult-stalin- hitler- pol pot-mao tse tung-to name just the main players, killed more people in half a century than all the worlds religions have in all of history.
    I can’t beleive that supposedly reasonal, rational , well educated people give these vicious, deluded idiots the time of day.

  2. Lots of people I know seem to be very fussy as to who their allies are with respect to resisting Islam and its winning incursion to the west and likely destruction of our entire civilization unless those allies share pretty much every aspect of of their beliefs and so on. I’m afraid I do not have the luxury for that. When Dawkins recognizes the threat to Western secularism by Islam, that is good enough for me even if he has said and done unfair things to other belief systems I feel are relatively benign and perhaps even good overall. Chris Hitchens, a powerful voice for freedom and democracy, is someone I love to hear speak about Islam. Anyone who has a different demographic than the usual crowd and warns people about Islam is doing something great. As for Chomski, he is the enemy. The irrational leftist who feeds the crocodile hoping to get eaten last, or a true believer who thinks Islam will be his Hayekian strong man to destroy capitalism or more likely, just another corrupt asshole who gets a big payoff by being a Muslim apologist, anti-Israel narrative spewing ivory tower liar who should be first in line for the next round of Nuremberg trials.

  3. The trouble is that these nutters are just as destructive to our civilisation as those that ally themselves with Islam.They are both in complete denial about where their precious liberty, freedom of speech, human rights, education, and,yes, even science actually came from.
    Christinity in direct and indirect ways catapulted this country from the iron age to the space age in about 1400 years-the blink of an eye in the history of man(kind if you prefer)
    In no recorded history have a people, even the poorest amongst us enjoyed so much freedom and prosperity.
    These two people, along with their mates, have gone a long way to destroying that,especially our freedom of thought and speech.It is funny how these great exponents of free thought and belief viciously attack and ridicule all who disagree with them-and they hold all the aces because they-or their mates get to edit the film.
    They are vicious, nihilstic, left wing verbal bullies, who are just as hell bent on destroying our civilisation as the rest of them-they just don’t like their “comrades” present bedfellows-and who can blame them?
    But just because they are discovering, just as Churchill did in 1945,and no doubt countless others have before him,that if you sup withthe devil you need a bloody long spoon, there is no reason for us to make the same mistake.
    And unless and until the people of this country see the light, THE TRUE LIGHT, this country is doomed to destruction, but sadly there is no sign of that-people are too busy having a good time.

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