What Does “Pro-Palestinian” Really Mean?

From Hudson New York

By Khaled Abu Toameh

In recent years there has been a significant rise in the number of non-Palestinians who describe themselves as “pro-Palestinian” activists. These people can be found mostly on university campuses in North America and Europe.

What is striking is that many of these “pro-Palestinian” activists have never been to the Middle East, let alone the West Bank or the Gaza Strip. In most cases, they are not even Arabs or Muslims.

What makes them “pro-Palestinian”?

In their view, inciting against Israel on a university campus or publishing “anti-Zionist” material on the Internet is sufficient to earn them the title of “pro-Palestinian.” But what these folks have not realized is that their actions and words often do little to advance the interests of the Palestinians. In some instances, these actions and words are even counterproductive.

It is hard to see how organizing events such as “Israel Apartheid Week” on a university campus could help the cause of the Palestinians. Isn’t there already enough anti-Israel incitement that is being spewed out of Arab and Islamic media outlets?

If anyone is entitled to be called “pro-Palestinian,” it is those who are publicly campaigning against financial corruption and abuse of human rights by Fatah and Hamas. Those who are trying to change the system from within belong to the real “pro-Palestinian” camp.

These are the brave people who are standing up to both Fatah and Hamas and calling on them to… Read More

One Reply to “What Does “Pro-Palestinian” Really Mean?”

  1. The corruption is rampant and people who administer funds from the West are instructed to keep their mouth shut.

    The children in Gaza and WB are subjected to anti-Israel brainwashing from day 1 through high school, against the requirements of the donors.

    The maps they study in school do not show Israel on their map.

    No wonder there will be no ‘peace’ agreements with the Pals, ever. There is no intent by the “leaders” to create much that is positive.

    This will go on for 1000 years at least. One generation teaches the next.

    And don’t expect anything but negative support from the neighboring Arab countries.

    There will never be a Pal state and it’s too bad they keep getting caught in the same trap of their old BS.

    The Israelis unfortunately will have to complete the Wall, just as the USA must do against the Mexicans.

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