Conservative Muslim Forum Investigated by Tories

From The Brussels Journal

The Telegraph is reporting that the Conservative Party is investigating its so-called Conservative Muslim Forum. Remarkably, it wasn’t its radical opinions [pdf], its apparent support of Hamas, or even its linking to the website of Ta-Ha publishers, which, as I mentioned last year, is an online bookstore that sells books on sharia, along with the odd conspiracy theory. It has come to the attention of the party that text on the CFM website has been lifted from IslamOnline, founded and co-owned by hate preacher, and terrorism promoter, Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

The Telegraph approached the Conservative Party about an article on charity, found on the site. A spokesman for the party acknowledged that it had been lifted from another website, but said that “they can’t tell for sure which one,” even if IslamOnline seemed likely. An article on charity on the site is on several others, though IslamOnline did not come up in a search when I looked. The Telegraph is no doubt correct, however, and perhaps it has been removed from a-Qaradawi’s site since the complaint to the CFM was made.

I checked the other sections on the CFM’s website, and the section on Halal and Haram foods has also been lifted wholesale from IslamOnline. Indeed, alarm bells should perhaps have started ringing earlier, as the article includes this statement: “A note for Muslims in Britain – some fish and chip shops cook their food in pork fat. You shouldn’t eat them[…]. Would an organization that is an official part of a British political party include “a note for Muslims in Britain”? Clearly not.

According to the Telegraph, party officials are “trying to contact the man they had employed to create the Conservative Muslim Forum’s website to ask why it features chunks of text from IslamOnline.”

Isn’t the real question why, time and again, the CFM to be expressing radical views, and linked, or lending tacit support, to radical organizations?

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