Pat Robertson on Islam as “not a religion”

Lots of people I know and respect insist that Islam is not a religion. So his view here is not unique or unsupported. Ultimately it boils down to what one calls a religion of course.
Islam has a very strong component of faith, so much so that thinking is not recommended as it threatens that faith, and has a supernatural element to it as well, however not the way Judaism or Christianity does. Both of those believe that God will do his own dirty work. Islam believes that the followers of Mohamed must do ‘Allah’s’ work for him. This is a fairly crucial distinction actually.

For my money, Islam is indeed a religion. One can always define a thing to include or exclude whatever one likes and as many people do like religion, I can see how they would wish to define it in some way as to exclude islam.

But lets face it.

Islam is a religion. Just a really shitty one.

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  1. Joseph Campbell’s words from 1987 have stayed with me (paraphrasing):

    “The word “religion” is from latin “re”-“ligio”, meaning linking back, in other words religion is a discipline by which we become aware of that which connects us, at a deeper level than the superficial.”

    Does Mohammedanism support this discipline – that which connects us?

    Do the other World Religions fit this description?

  2. Dallas it would be easy to make definitions of religion that exclude Islam. I agree that Mohamed made up this religion as a way of duping people into acting as agents to accumulate wealth, power and sexual opportunities for Mohamed. As simple as that. But once you have over X number of people believing in the supernatural elements of it as a matter of faith, it is hard not to call it a religion.

  3. Yo, Pat,

    Why Islam is not a religion?

    Coz it showed you and your likes as who you truly are = Manicheans disguised as Christians = NOT Monotheists –

    For when you and your ilk equate Jesus with the One God of Abraham you end up positing TWO GODS – One is GOOD = your Sweet_Jeezus_God – the other is the Evil God = your Satan whom you and your ilk are so fond of talking about –

    In short, what does not look like your Jeezus_God you deem it to be of the Devil – be it Muslim or Buddhist, etc. –

    For those interested in Christian Monotheism as opposed to Pat’s and his likes Christotheism, here is a MUST READ book:

    Radical Monotheism and Western Culture

    Helmut Richard Niebuhr

    Can be found at Google’s books –

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