The Koreas. Two Stratfor SITREPS

Yesterday’s move by North Korea which had all the benchmarks of a classical false flag operation may bear fruit. Here are two SITREP’s from the desk of STRATFOR:

North Korea: Naval Skirmish Charged As South Korean Provocation
November 12, 2009

North Korea charged that a recent naval skirmish was a “premeditated
provocation” by South Korea who will be forced to “pay dearly” for the
attempt to thwart the current mood for dialogue, Yonhap reported Nov.
12. North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun stated that the armed
provocation is a deliberate move and dangerous war action. It said South
Korean forces will be forced to pay dearly for the grave armed
provocation. The commentary stated that the Korean People’s Army
artillery is leveled at the “provokers

South Korea: KDX-II Destroyer Dispatched to Yellow Sea
November 12, 2009

The South Korean navy deployed its state-of-the-art “Choi Young” KDX-II destroyer to the Northern Limit Line in the Yellow Sea, KBS reported Nov. 12. A military official said the dispatch was made in preparation for possible additional maritime provocations by North Korea. The Defense Ministry and the Joint Chiefs of Staff plan to hold a meeting to assess the nation’s preparedness for a potential North Korean provocation. A ministry official said top military officials and commanders will discuss the inter-Korean skirmish in the Yellow Sea and to check military readiness for a potential retaliation by Pyongyang.

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  1. I’m clueless as to how to post to this site!! I wanted to share an article pertaining to the taxi union boss in Ottawa who threatened the life of his daughter after she ran from a $9000 dowry given by a Syrian. He read her email and threatened to break her legs.

    Taken from 25 hours, November 11, 2009, Ottawa:

    Taxi union boss gets a year for “honour crime”

    Sun Media – The city’s taxi union boss was handed a year in jail yesterday for what a judge deemed an “honour crime”.

    Yusef Salem Al Mezel, 44, has pleaded guilty to criminally harassing his 23-year old daughter. Eman, over three weeks in July 2007.

    “Mr. Al Mezel has threatened his daughter with serious violence and caused her to fear for her safety in the name of honour,” Judge Lynn Ratushny wrote. “He has committed the crime of harassment against her in the name of honour.”

    Al Mezel admitted to pushing his daughter, threatening to break her legs, and kill her and smashing her computer. When she fled marriage to a aSyrian man for a $9000 dowry, he stalked her to a shelter and a friend’s home.

    He sent her e-mails threatening her uncles and cousins would go “crazy” over the family’s honour and to come home before someone got hurt.

    Police spirited the young woman–and the family sheltering her–out of Ottawa.leader — a founder of his mosque, city council candidate and representative of 1,500 taxi drivers. But she wrote that a year is the minimum to denounce what he’s done and deter others.

    the Crown had asked for up to two years.

    The judge noted that Al Mezel, who came from Kuwait 20 yeras ago, is a comunity

  2. I’d also like to point out that there are two Lebanese patios on Sparks Street, the main drag next to the capital buildings in Ottawa, Canada. The street is becoming islamasized rapidly. There are numerous restaurants, t-shirt stands, smoke shops, and salons owned by arabs here now. They celebrate with hookah’s at night and belly dancing. How strange it must be for tourists to come to our Nation’s capital and think they are in Tehran.

    The city of Ottawa has began running ads in the local papers stating that the “hookah pipe” spreads lung cancer, emphysema, bronchitis, and Hep C., along with addiction. The strange thing is, that despite these pipes spreading disease, they are rented out at Lebanese restaurant patios, and cleaned with soap and water (not sterile). Further, these business people seem to operate these smoke houses without any regulations. They claim the hookah smokes a non-tobacco product on packaging. The main use for the hookah is tobacco, I invite you to check wikipedia. These people are selling smokable product to people without checking for age of majority. There is no “sin tax” on this polluting product. There are no warning stickers anywhere on any restaurant.

    What is more strange, the city of Ottawa does not seem concerned (perhaps fearing reprisals). Instead they are busy working on taking care of H1N1 (or so they have told me). Our city has very tight regulations as per smoking on patios, they go as far to state that a patio cannot have a roof. However spreading hep c, and cancer of children does not seem on the agenda of my city council, nor provincial officials. Perhaps our muslm mall chairman will take a stand on this, I’m having my doubts.


  3. The stuff in those pipes is clearly flavored tobacco. I have done a few articles here on VTB about how Muslim owned places are somehow exempt from the smoking bans because ‘it is their culture’ to smoke that stuff in those things. Of course, it was never our culture to go to a bar, drink a beer and have a cigarette and watch the hockey game. That was some other Canada in some other dimension. I went to a place that sells the stuff and it is indeed tobacco. I do not understand why you do not need any of the usual licensing etc. to sell it. Walk down Rideau St. Ottawa and have a look in the various shops within a few blocks of the Rideau Center. That flavored tobacco is quite common. Interestingly there is a movement to ban it in cigarettes as clearly its designed to hook kids. It has strawberry, Raspberry and Vanilla flavours. It’s all fine though when its ‘enrichers’ who break all of our laws and rules.
    To be honest I do not know who I should be fighting. The people who bring their own brand of oppression from overseas, or our own fascist leftists who would ban anything and everything our own culture traditionally does.

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