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ANSAmed) – ATHENS, OCTOBER 28 – A bomb went off this morning in Athens in front of an Olympiakos club in the Pangrati area, resulting in material damage but no injuries. The explosion occurred a few hours after a previous attack by anarchist-insurrectionary guerrilla forces against the police in which six police officers were injured (two critically), as well as one passer-by, by bullets shot from a Kalashnikov. Media sources report that the bomb this morning, of an unspecified force, was set off shortly after 4am local time (3am in Italy). A number of cars were also damaged. Minister for Public Order Michalis Chrisochoidis has said that “we are at war, and we will fight”. This morning’s explosion came almost as if in confirmation of the minister’s words. Yesterday’s attack was on a police station in the Agia Paraskevi district at the changing of shifts, resulting in more police officers present. A group of four, some of whom on motorcycles (three of which were later found) began shooting Kalashnikovs wildly and threw a smoke bomb in order to make their getaway. One of the police officers fired back and may have injured one of the attackers. The officer injured the most seriously, hit in the abdomen and chest with four bullets, has been operated on and is in critical but stable condition. Among those injured there is also a woman. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack but investigators believe that it must have been one of the most well-known groups, Revolutionary Struggle or the Sect of Revolutionaries. Chrisochoidis has been to see those injured and has ensured them that “Greece will not become a land of fear”, and that the response will be “rapid and decisive”. President Karolos Papoulias and all political groupings have condemned the “cowardly terrorist act”, which occurred only 12 hours after the Council for the Destruction of Order claimed responsibility for incendiary attacks in Thessaloniki against the offices of government representatives and the headquarters of the Italian-Greek Chamber of Commerce. (ANSAmed).

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