An interview with the German man who converted to Islam and back.

Last week, I posted a video, which was in fact the first half of a German documentary subtitled by KitmanTV, about a young nice German fellow who felt that his inner search for meaning could be fulfilled by Islam. This documentary followed him as he went from one sort of man to quite another altogether. I have re posted this below.

The second half of this documentary where he converts back I hope to have soon. However I did find, thanks to stopsharialawnow, an interesting interview with him on German TV, all titled in English. This is quite an interesting look at how a very decent honourable man can be turned into someone who wishes to find the ‘courage’ to blow up innocent people and himself in order to taste ‘paradise’.

First, the documentary, which I have posted before, and then the interview below that.

Eeyore for Vlad:

Link: A German converts to Islam.

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