Hezbollah #1, al-Qaeda scores minor league status

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Hezbollah may well be the most dangerous terrorist organization on the planet, pushing al-Qaeda to the minors.

September 21, 2009

Exclusive: Hizballah – ‘The Most Capable and Disciplined Terrorist Organization in the World’

W. Thomas Smith, Jr.

FOX News is reporting what we’ve been saying for at least two years – and which terrorist sympathizers and their paid cronies have tried to keep from public awareness – that is, Hizballah may well be the most dangerous terrorist organization on the planet, posing even a greater threat to the U.S. than al Qaeda.
According to the FOX segment, Friday, “Hizballah reportedly has operatives in the United States. Two years ago, a Hizballah agent was arrested after infiltrating the FBI and CIA.”
Though few Americans are actually aware of this, thanks to a heavily financed counter-media, propaganda, and disinformation campaign aimed at soft-soaping the Lebanon-based, Iranian-Syrian-supported terrorist organization as simply a Lebanese political party with guns; and – as a part of that campaign – discrediting or destroying anyone who might aggressively take Hizballah to task.

Former U.S. Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff said, “We know there are people who have raised money for Hizballah, and committed crimes to generate profits for Hizballah. What I can’t tell you is how many of those people would lay down the moneymaking and actually carry out an attack.”
Nevertheless, we know Hizballah is in the U.S., and their substantial presence – and freedom-of-movement – throughout Latin America is increasing “almost exponentially,” so-say some of our sources.
Chertoff has said, Hizballah “makes al Qaeda look like a minor league team.”

And Friday’s segment included a clip from a recent terrorist briefing by New York City’s deputy police commissioner (also NYPD intelligence chief) David Cohen, who warned those in the briefing that Hizballah “is probably the most capable and disciplined terrorist organization in the world.”
Global terrorism expert Dr. Walid Phares said, “A success of the uprising inside Iran – against the regime – may compel the regime, actually, to deflect attention from events inside Iran, and order strikes inside the United States. And have Hizballah cells deliver that strike.”
The FOX segment also mentioned Hizballah’s annual income of $1 billion Iranian petrodollars, for its service as an Iranian foreign legion. Again, we – including Dr. Phares and a very small minority of analysts with very deep sources of accurate information – have been reporting this estimated $1 billion for at least two years: As was predicted Gen. Michel Sleiman’s ascension to the Lebanese presidency (long before he was even considered). As was predicted 48-hours prior that Hizballah was going to launch a widespread military offensive against the legitimate government of Lebanon in May 2008. I could go on and on.

As one Middle East analyst mused in an e-mail Friday, “Why the administration is not educating the public about Hizballah – and why the media does not dedicate as much time to explaining the Hizballah threat as it does al Qaeda – is beyond comprehension.”
See FOX segment here.
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