Update on the shooting at the Dutch Dance

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Netherlands: Police Bullet Killed Riot Victim at Dance Party

The 19-year-old man who was killed at a beach party last month was lethally injured by a police bullet, the public prosecutor confirmed on Thursday.

On Wednesday Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb announced that the police commander in charge of security at the party has been suspended because he ignored information that hooligans were planning to disrupt the party.

Aboutaleb released those findings in letters to the city council. He also announced an external investigation into the events of August 22, when the free dance party at Hoek van Holland, a beach close to Rotterdam, degenerated into rioting and shooting.

Two internal investigations have now revealed that the police commander responsible for security at Hoek van Holland ignored reports that notorious troublemakers were planning to attend the party. As a result, no extra policemen were deployed at the party, nor was the anti-riot squad put on alert. Higher police commanders and Aboutaleb, who is ultimately responsible for policing, were also not alerted.

The investigations also show that there were also problems with the internal communication system and the mobile phone network the moment police officers were cornered by intoxicated troublemakers. Police fired warning shots before the peace was restored by the anti-riot squad from a neighbouring district.

After the incident mayor Aboutaleb announced he would not give out any more permits for large-scale free dance events for the next two years. He also called for more legal ways to target hooligans for planning trouble rather than executing it.

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