Collection of stories and links for July 29 2009

Thanks mostly to The Gates of Vienna, here is a collection of links and brief paragraphs describing what they are about.

Taliban Commander: ‘Swedes Will be Killed’

A regional Taliban commander has warned that Swedes serving in Afghanistan will be the target of reprisals following the killing of three of the guerrilla group’s fighters by Swedish troops last week.

“Revenge will come. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or next week. But it will come,” the Taliban leader told the TT news agency in an interview published on Wednesday.

“Swedes will be killed.”

China Foils Smuggling of Missile-Use Material to N.Korea

Chinese customs authorities confiscated 70 kg of vanadium that North Korea tried to smuggle through China. Vanadium has defense and nuclear uses — alloys containing vanadium are used in missile casings — but it was not clear what the stash was to be used for.

Seals and Visas Threaten EU-Canada Rift

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Canada’s decision to impose visas on Czech citizens and the EU’s decision to ban seal products are emerging as major irritants in bilateral relations.

Both issues came up at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday (27 July), the first high level event under the Swedish EU presidency.

The Czech Republic used the opportunity to complain against Ottawa’s unilateral re-imposition of visa requirements due to a surge in Czech asylum applications. The move, in mid-July, comes after two years of visa-free travel.

Hizbullah Cell Faces Hanging in Egypt, Nasrallah Personally Ordered it to Carry Out Attacks

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has personally tasked the head of the Hizbullah cell in Egypt to carry out attacks in the country, pan-Arab daily al-Hayat reported Tuesday.

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