Special protection for gay people added to US hate crimes bill.

Of course there can be no special protection before the law. Either you protect all people as equal or you make special classes of people, each with it’s own value of citizenship. Now, homosexuals in the US, can enjoy greater than average protection before the law as special class citizens along with any other group whether it is based on race, belief, such as religion, or behavior such as sexual activity. This can only go badly for civilization. Equality has to mean for all before the law. Ultimately this means that a crime committed against a heterosexual white male is of lesser consequence than a crime against any other member of society. How can this possibly be to the betterment of group relations and harmony?

[kaltura-widget wid=”4376186bx4″ width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”3″ editpermission=”3″ /]Of course the real problem is the absolute certainty of selective enforcement. While you can bet that any Christian preacher who speaks out against homosexuality will face charges, you can be equally certain that Islamic ones will not as well as Islamic calls for genocide of the Jewish peoples, a central tenet of Islam. While Christians will be condemned and brought in front of courts for saying that homosexuality is a sin, Muslim clergy will very likely enjoy immunity for calling for the deaths of gay people. All nebulous and absurd thought and speech crimes laws such as these, are made for selective enforcement and abuse.

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  1. why cristians are gay or lesbians because their mothers and fathers was one of them or the government itself is a gay? ore would do anything to get the power anyway! the butomline is the you asses will be fucked wich is good

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