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3 Replies to “African customs as quaint as always.”

  1. Suppose one of these “wealth-potion” makers manages to enter Britain illegally as a bogus-asylum seeker (bogus because, if anything, it’s his victims who would be the ones in need of refugee status in a place where they’d be safe from those seeking to murder them.) Once he’s in, if it takes him too long to get on Britain’s notorious welfare gravy-train, whose exploitation by mahoundians has pushed the boundaries of the absurd and the outrageous to places never seen before, as Abu Qatada’s luxurious lifestyle on British soil can attest, what could go through this bogus asylum-seeker’s sick mind upon seeing an albino on the street while his pockets are empty? Well, just exactly what would have gone through his head upon a similar sight in his native Tanzania, period.

    Fast-forward to his trial for murder. A judge decides that “cultural differences” between British society and the group of cannibals the criminal came from should be taken into account in order for a fair verdict to be issued; in other words, he’ll get away with doing one-tenth or less of the time your average Briton would serve behind bars if found guilty of the same heinous crime.

    Once the potion maker has served out his sentence, an immigration judge will rule that sending him back to Tanzania would violate his human rights. In the unlikely even that it doesn’t happen, he’ll appeal his deportation sentence, and the case will subsequently be taken to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Once it gets there, it might take years before those EU judges issue a ruling on it. Until that is done, nobody will be legally able to expel the albino-murdering potion maker from the UK.

    And, since he’ll stay in Britain for as long as it takes for the EU court ruling to come out, the same folks responsible for Abu Qatada’s ¬£ 1.6 million home will make sure that he’ll enjoy some of that bogus-refugee welfare fun that attracts all sorts of lowlifes and scumbags to the UK… Just like dog poop left on the sidewalk attracts flies when a dog owner chooses not to clean after their pooches. And to prevent flies from swarming around those droppings, the solution is simple: one has to pick them up and dispose of them.

    How I wish I’d written this as a joke… But this is present-day, culturally-relativist, politically-correct, multicultural and suicidal Britain. The whole asylum-seeking digression might be off-topic, but I couldn’t help thinking about it after I watched the video.

  2. Sometime in the 1980s or 90s a Montreal judge, a woman even, found a Muslim man guilty of a much lesser charge than rape for the anal penetration he had done of his granddaughter. The reason was, ‘in his culture because he did not devalue her by breaking the hymen he had not committed as serious a crime as it is in ours.’ I will continue to try and find a link for this but the case was before the internet. I remember it from the news way before I became so involved with these issues. He did no jail time at all. I was stunned.
    Multiculturalism is an oxymoron. You cannot have more than one set of values operating on a given jurisdiction at once. This is a recipe for suicide not to mention is systemic racism and genuine apartheid not as it actually was, which was considerably more benign than was sold to us by the media, but apartheid as we imagined it to be.

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