A fresh Jewish conspiracy.

I notice that the youtube video we posted of the Egyptian Imam speaking about Starbucks and how it’s a Jewish plot has hit the 1/4 million views mark. 249,766 to be precise as of this moment.

Here it is for anyone who has not actually seen it yet…

Typically to get that many views on youtube you have to be female, have a spectacular set of mammaries and bend over a lot while speaking.  So clearly the world is ready, perhaps even eager for another absurd Jewish conspiracy. I thought I would just make one up.

Please have a look at the picture below….

See anything sinister above? Anything … familiar?

OK have a closer look…

DavidstarshoeSEE! Star of Davids! The Eskimo snow shoe is MADE of star of Davids! Proof positive that Jews were using the Inuit to take over North America! The plan was, to create a type of shoe that would allow the Eskimo to walk across the frozen tundra without sinking in, till they could get to Wall Street. There,  they would use their harpoons to take out all the fur traders so the Jews could establish themselves as kings of the garment industry using the Inuit as proxies.

The star of David patterns in the snowshoe should be enough for anyone. I believe any court of law in the world, certainly in the ones that count, sharia ones, would be convinced already as we see from the Egyptian TV video at the top. However for any skeptics out there still uncertain….

OK this isn’t as funny as I thought it was when I first came up with it. But it did occur to me that this may well be how the Protocols of Zion started. Maybe the next wild angry Jew hating video from the Muslim world can be on the snowshoe. At least you will know where it came from.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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2 Replies to “A fresh Jewish conspiracy.”

  1. That’s a bit like mahoundians finding, among other things, twisted tree branches that look like the way allah (mahound’s imaginary alter-ego) is written in that primitive dialect known as Arabic, as “evidence” of the existence of their non-existing, woman-hating deity, isn’t it?

    Once I squeezed mustard out of a bottle over half a dozen sunny-side-up eggs without looking, and suddenly I realized I’d drawn a W-like shape, with smooth corners, that resembled that piece of mahoundian “evidence.” Was that proof that allah (the imaginary) exists? S*** no! It only meant that perhaps I ought to have been more careful if I wanted to actually taste the eggs, instead of just mustard.

    But a mahoundian would never have seen it that way, just as they refuse to acknowledge that the Earth spins around the sun and isn’t flat. Acknowledging scientifically-proven facts contradicts Mein Qurampf…

  2. Oh, that always kills me, the ‘miracle’ of Allah! Not only is it sheer idolatry, but it’s the Sign of the Serpent! Look at it. I’m not a Christian, and I think the Book of Revelations os for crazy people, but the fact that ‘Allah,’ spelled out in Arabic, is the Sign of the Serpent, is, well, pretty interesting. And then they dismiss the Shroud of Turin and all the hundreds of Virgin Marys that show up in potato chips and tortillas and whatnot.

    By the way, the Jews were also totally trying to monopolize the global salmon population via the Inuits in order to use them as proxies too. See, salmon live upstream part of the year and downstreaam the other part of the year, and they’re fairly big fish, so when the Jews unleash their salmon armies they can eat up the global fish population , both downstream and upstream, thereby starving the Mohammedans in retaliation for when Mo cut off the well at Khaybar. Just saying.

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